Other Origin(s):Slavic
Meaning:Protected by Yngvi
Even if you have seen only one horror or sci-fi film in your lifetime, Ygor, or Igor, is a name that can bring up mixed emotions. While Hollywood can be held answerable for fashioning some of these outlandish characters, it has become one of the most recognizable Slavic names as a result. Its meaning, however, couldn't be more far from the truth. Derived from the Norse name Ingvar, it took on a new shape when the Vikings set sail for the world. Perhaps, with its intended meaning “protected by Yngvi,” the moniker doubled as a sort of reassurance to hold on to, so that wherever they go, they are watched over by an all-seeing god. Take comfort in Ygor because if it was good enough for your ancestors, it’s more than good enough for your little one.

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