Other Origin(s):Arabic, Persian
Meaning:Well-spoken, articulate; Pleiades star cluster
Zuraide is a feminine name of Spanish and Arabic origins, acting as a fun spin on the name Zoraida. One possible translation is “well-spoken” or “articulate,” and it can make for beautiful inspiration if you want to give baby the gift of gab. For a celestial spin, Zuraide can also come from the Arabic and Persian names Zoraya and Soraya, which refers to Pleiades star cluster. If you’ve got a love for classical literature, this name can also connect baby to the character Zoraida from Don Quixote. In the novel, Zoraida is described as a beautiful woman from Algiers who helps captives escape imprisonment. Whether baby’s got their nose in a book or their eyes on the stars, Zuraide gives them plenty to talk about.

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