15 Hottest Celebrity Dads

We’ve rounded up our favorite dads in show business in honor of Father’s Day this Sunday. From rock stars and soccer players to country artists and 90s teen heartthrobs, we’ve got you covered. (It’s not often that you associate the term ‘father-figure’ with tattoos, hard abs or modeling contracts but here you go!) Just try not to stare at your screen too hard.
ByRachel Sylvester
Assistant Editor, The Knot
Jun 2012
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Chris Hemsworth

This Aussie is best known for his role as the superhero Thor; but when he’s not busy wielding a mallet, this 28-year-old is dad to newborn daughter, India Rose.

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James Van Der Beek

Between Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Van Der Beek; it seems the cast of Dawson’s Creek is known for producing adorable tots. James and wife Kimberly welcomed daughter Olivia in 2010 and son Joshua in early 2012.

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Gavin Rossdale

Gavin got our hearts going when he started dating now-wife Gwen Stefani in 1995. Flash forward nearly 20-years and the Bush front man looks as good as ever—better now that he’s father to sons Kingston and Zuma.

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Freddie Prinze Jr.

Who wasn’t swooning over Freddie during his days as a teen heartthrob? After marrying longtime girlfriend Sarah Michelle Gellar in 2002, Prinze relatively disappeared from the limelight. Recently however, the actor has reemerged, showing off daughter Charlotte Grace and anticipating the birth of his second child.

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Brad Paisley

This country singer does more than just make cowboy hats look good. Married to actress Kimberly Williams, the All-American couple has two boys; proving fatherhood looks good on this Levi-clad songster.

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Matthew McConaughey

This Texas native and recent newlywed caught our attention as a high school hippie in Dazed and Confused. Years later, McConaughey is now a family man who has proved that he continues to get better with age.

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Mark Wahlberg

After distancing himself from music and putting his pants back on (we do miss those Calvin Klein ads!), Wahlberg married and created a new bunch—of kids that is. The actor is dad to four children—Ella, Michael, Brendan and Grace.

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Neil Patrick Harris

Our favorite child star has come a long way from his doctor days; making the transition from Doogie Howser to doting father of twins. With the help of a surrogate, Harris and partner David Burtka welcomed Gideon Scott and Harper Grace in late 2010.

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Dave Grohl

Grohl made the transition from drummer to rock band front man after forming the Foo Fighters in 1994. He made the even bigger jump to the role of father in 2006 after welcoming his first daughter, Violet Maye with wife Jordyn.

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Taye Diggs

We can’t put our finger on it…maybe it’s his smile, fashion sense (love him in glasses!) or fun-loving personality. Either way, it’s no wonder Diggs’ wife Idina fell for the actor nearly ten years ago. The two have a son, Walker Daniel, born in 2009.

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Hugh Jackman

Not surprisingly, yet another movie superhero has found their way to our list. Jackman has landed roles that have led him to become a Tony-award winning actor, yet he landed the coveted role of father after adopting his first child in 2000 with wife Deborra.

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Patrick Dempsey

Juggling the roles of doctor, actor, race car driver and dad—Dempsey seems to take each role in stride. Not to mention he and wife Jillian named their kids Talula, Sullivan and Darby. (Collectively now: “awwww”).

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Matt Damon

You don’t have to have celebrity status to catch the eye of this actor. Damon and his wife Luciana met while she was a bartender back in 2002, and now the duo are parents to four girls.

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David Beckham

This soccer star not only has four children and a Spice Girl wife, but a smirk that manages to make us swoon every single time. (Did we mention his accent?) Plus, how many tattooed dads do you know with ponytails and underwear ads? …We didn’t think so.

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Tyson Beckford

Recognized as one of fashion’s first male supermodels, Beckford is both a talented actor and dedicated father. The 41-year-old model is dad to his teenage son, Jordan.

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