Babies Dressed as Valentine’s Day Chocolates Are Too Cute to Handle

The only Valentine’s Day candy we want this year!
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Updated February 14, 2020

Connecticut-based photographer JoAnn Marrero, owner of From Labor and Love, covers maternity, baby and family photoshoots—and is no stranger to going viral. In 2018, her photoshoot of a “baby dinosaur” hatching from its egg quickly went viral due to how cute it was. Now, she’s at it again with another heart-meltingly adorable photoshoot of babies dressed as a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates.

“What’s better then a box of chocolate? A box filled with babies for Valentines Day of course! Here’s some behind the scenes footage from today! Cuteness amongst the chaos of photographing 13 babies at once,” Marrero writes in the caption to the video posted on her Facebook account. “We had it all…smiles, tears, stares, complete meltdowns—you name it! A big thank you to all who joined us today!”

Marrero first got the idea when her 2-year-old son opened his Valentine’s Day present, citing it as her favorite memory of the holiday. "Not realizing what was inside, he started yelling to his older brother, Michael, that there was candy inside. His reaction was so cute, it didn’t dawn on me that he wouldn’t know what was in there,” she told POPSUGAR in an interview.

While you would think a photoshoot with 13 babies—and real Hershey’s Kisses chocolate on set—would get, well, messy, Marrero explains it actually wasn’t so bad. She had worked with several of the babies before, and getting them covered in chocolate just made it all the more adorable. Mostly, she was focused on getting everyone to have fun. “I just wanted a good, fun time with no expectations,” she told the outlet. “It was just one giant play date!”

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