Mom Hilariously Opens Up About Celebrating Son’s Birthday on the Wrong Day

“Here’s a little story to allow all the moms of little ones out there to maybe feel a little better about yourselves.”
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Updated January 20, 2022
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Mom fails happen—and with good reason. Moms work tirelessly for their families and are exhausted, so it’s a given that some things will slip by the wayside from time to time. Now, one mom is taking to TikTok to reveal her “mom fail” moment—and is going viral.

Emily Vondrachek from Minnesota has four kids all under the age of 5. In her hilarious TikTik video, she explains that she’s been celebrating her son Henry’s birthday, now 3, on the wrong date for two years now. “Here’s a little story to allow all the moms of little ones out there to maybe feel a little better about yourselves,” she says.

Vondrachek goes on to explain that her pediatrician called her about some trouble they were having billing her insurance for her last visit. While her pediatrician’s office had been told Henry’s birthday is on the 26th, the insurance company had the 25th on file.

“I’m his mother, I know his birthday,” she continues, explaining that she was about to call her insurance company to “let them have it,” but decided to check her birth announcement on Facebook to be completely sure. That’s when she noticed his birthday actually was on the 25th. “For two years I have been celebrating his birthday on the 26th,” she says in the video, adding, “And you want to know the worst part? It’s my middle child!”

She ends the video by saying she plans to spend the day having a “mommy date” with Henry. “I love my kids,” Vondrachek says at the end. “They may not have their birthday celebrations on the correct day, but they celebrate the next!”

In case you needed more proof the mom to four is tired, she starts to end the video with “Merry Christmas,” realizing halfway that Christmas is over.

In an interview with Today Parents, Vondrachek explained that Henry’s due date was February 26, which might have caused the confusion. “Maybe that’s why I got it wrong,” she said “But who knows. I’m exhausted.”

She added that for his fourth birthday next month Henry has asked for an Iron Man and Hulk themed party, but Hulk has to be red. “I have no idea how I’m going to make that happen,” she told the outlet, “but for my middle child I will do anything.”

Vondrachek’s “mom fail” moment is resonating with other parents. One person commented, “I got flustered one day when someone said I had a handsome baby boy and asked his name. I said Rob. Her name is Harper. It’s hard out here.” Another person wrote, “I feel like it’s a quiz I didn’t study for every time….Two of them even have the same date and I can’t get it right!”

Vondrachek certainly isn’t alone in her “mom fail” moment, and it goes to show that, while moms may not be able to do it all (Who could? It’s just not possible!), they love their kids and do their very best.

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