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19 #EasterBunnyFail Photos That’ll Have You Cracking Up

Because let’s face it: A giant rabbit with big teeth and soulless eyes is pretty terrifying.

What’s cuter than bringing baby to meet the Easter Bunny? Photos immortalizing that moment when your kid takes one look at that costume and totally loses it on the Easter Bunny’s lap. (Oh come on, you know it’s too funny.) Giving the best #SantaFail moments a run for their money are these hilarious Easter Bunny pictures gone wrong. #EasterBunnyFail for the win!

This little guy wants out. STAT.

“Are those…fangs I’m feeling?!”

Two big smiles, and one terrified scream.

“Don’t look now, but I think there’s a GIANT rabbit behind me!”

The shocked look on Mr. Bunny’s face just says it all.

“Make it stop!” says baby and bunny.

Say bye-bye to happy feelings.

“And mom told me this was going to be fun. HA.”

White-knuckling the chair won’t help you now, kid.

“You expect me to sit here and be happy about this?”

When you do a double take and the creepy bunny is still there…

“One of us is smiling, and it sure isn’t me.”

Baby may be in pure panic mode, but it’s so hard not to laugh.

“Maybe I can slide my way out of this one…”

One happy bunny, one very unhappy child.

Hard to say what this big brother finds more amusing: Meeting the Easter Bunny or watching his sister totally lose it.

“Mommy come baaack!”

Crying child = crestfallen bunny.

“Please just make it stop!”

Published February 2018

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