Ho, Ho, Oh, No! the Best #SantaFails of the Season

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas unless there are Santa babies crying somewhere on the lap of a holly, jolly fella.
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ByChristine Cordova
Associate Social Editor
Oct 2017
Baby crying on Santa's lap
Photo: Instagram via @blakeleepaige

‘Tis the season for tears and tantrums! While the origin of everyone’s favorite holiday hashtag seems to be the stuff of mysteries, like Rudolph’s red nose and how exactly Santa fits down the chimney flue, one thing’s for sure: #santafail is the gift that keeps on giving—until it happens to you. Here’s hoping your little elves bring more smiles than sniffles when they meet the big man in red.

Even celebrity family photos take some improvisation.

Naughty and Nice, personified.

"You’re a cotton-headed ninnymuggins!"

Big sister is the only one pulling her weight for the Christmas card.

If you can’t beat em, join em.

All she wants for Christmas is to get the heck out of there.

Pictured: The exact moment Santa decides to move someone to the naughty list.

TFW Santa tells your you’re too little for a fidget spinner.

Maybe he already has everything he wants?

Ho, ho, ho? More like, “No, no, no!”

Photo: Instagram via @mrs_huguchi

At least Santa’s helper, aka Mom, gives this photo two thumbs up.

Photo: Instagram via @amberlynnsmith

Missing: Tidings of comfort and joy.

Photo: Instagram via @simplykrys2

The wig is a red herring. You are definitely not Grandma!

Photo: Instagram via @jennymathy

Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good…or are pooping in his arms.

Photo: Instagram via @pegaritaaa

“Take that, Santa.”

Photo: MWD Photography

“I wasn’t bad! She made me do it!”

Photo: Instagram via @crystalsovay

“First you made me wear tights, and now I have to sit through this?”

Photo: Instagram via @zzbreezz

The one time bribery is not going to work.

Photo: Instagram via @leahnmcc

“There better be a really big present for me under that tree when we get home!”

Photo: Instagram via @blackvulpix

Updated October 2017

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