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How to Get Your Toddler to Do Stuff He Doesn’t Want to Do

Having a toddler is a constant tug-of-war, isn’t it? You’re trying to get your tot to go where you want him to go (like the store, which is totally boring) and to do what you want him to do (like clean up all those awesome toys he’d rather be playing with), and he’s always, always resisting. Real moms tell us their secrets to making it happen without tantrums.

“I create a game or song out of the chore or task.” — Charlotte S.

“If you demand something, they’re going to do the opposite every time! Telling them to do the opposite of what I want usually works.” — Misty L.

“I try to make things humorous and fun. But sometimes they just have to obey and you have to be strict — it’s a part of life!” — Bethany B.

“Be consistent!” — Lauren L.

“Try to make everything into a game. My daughter will do anything if it’s a game. Or tell her that she’s helping Mama. She’ll do close to anything if she knows it’s helping me.” — Emily S.

“When I’m grocery shopping, I bribe my daughter with raisins. They’re healthy and she likes them. I also try to make getting groceries or doing errands fun.” — Angelica C.

“I make everything into a race or a competition — like who will be fastest and strongest.” — Jennifer H.

“I bribe with fruit snacks.” — Sharon M.

“Use a lot of patience and compromise, but no backing down!” — Courtney B.

“When I tell him that Daddy’s going to discipline him, it works. I used to ask if he wanted a spanking when he was being naughty, but then he started replying, ‘Yeah!’” — Sophie M.

“Change the mood or do something wacky. She’ll stare at me for a minute and even start giggling.” — Julie T.

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