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7 Ways To Capture The Perfect Maternity Photo

Your changing body is a beautiful thing, and there are all different ways to document it. The only question now is: Are you ready for your close-up?
The Family Portrait

For something extra-sweet include all the members of your growing family. It’s a memory you won’t want to forget, and a great way to get younger children excited for their new sibling.

Photo: Alicia Gines Photography
The Glam Shot

Dare to don a belly shirt and a few bold accessories—this shoot is all about you, so don’t be afraid to work that bump.

Photo: Alicia Gines Photography
The Outdoorsy Shot

Love the great outdoors? Show off your bump with the kind of gorgeous backdrop only Mother Nature can provide.

The Creative Shot

Who says maternity shoots have to be same old, same old?  Play up one of your passions and incorporate something uniquely you to give your photo a creative edge.

Photo: Sophie Kormos for Michael Kormos Photography
The Contemplative Shot

Okay, so somebody put baby in the corner!  A reflective moment like this can make for a very moody and memorable photo.

Photo: Lauren Kennedy for Bella Baby Photography
The Casual and Comfy Shot

Throw on something cozy and pose around the house for maternity photos that are pretty, relaxed and real.

Photo: Lauren Kennedy for Bella Baby Photography
The Above-the-Bump Shot

Change perspective and shoot from above, looking down on your bump. It’s the perfect angle for a shot of you cradling your belly and showing baby some love.

Photo: Lauren Kennedy for Bella Baby Photography