Baby Glue: Would You Try This Mom’s Invention?

To glue or not to glue? That is the question.
ByKelly Corbett
Mar 2017
Girly glue bottle with colorful bows
Photo: Gilry Glue

We’re certainly seeing fewer and fewer gender stereotypes these days, which is a good thing. But it can still feel a little frustrating when people approach your newborn daughter and congratulate you on your adorable little man. One mom has come up with a solution for this sticky situation: glue-on hair bows.

Girlie Glue, whose motto is “it’s never too early to be girlie,” is “an all-natural accessory glue created to stick bows on to babies’ heads,” according to the product website. This adhesive was created by mom Katie Hydrick to help babies who don’t tolerate headbands—or don’t have much hair for clips—accessorize. Think: bows, hair bands, clips, earrings for unpierced ears—even your dog could use an accessory.

Made from agave nectar and other natural ingredients, Girlie Glue washes off easily with water. (And you thought that you wouldn’t be scraping glue out of your kid’s hair until at least preschool.)

The glue can be ordered on its own or in special sets that include accessories, such as felt bows, felt earrings or vintage ribbons.

So we have to ask: Are you stuck on Girlie Glue? Not everyone is:

Others found some creative uses for the adhesive:

But some people are genuinely excited.

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