Mom Celebrates One Year of Nursing With Breast Milk-Themed Cake Smash

A first birthday isn’t just a milestone for baby!
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By Ashley Edwards Walker, Contributing Writer
Published September 27, 2019

Because breastfeeding is a natural process, some people assume it should be easy. But that’s not always the case. Whether it’s cracked nipples or trouble getting baby to latch, successful breastfeeding usually requires patience and a lot of learning.

Photographer Tara Ruby understands this. So when she was hired by a local military mom to help celebrate her son’s first birthday—and her own accomplishment of breastfeeding for a full year—Ruby decided to make it all about breast milk.

“Connor is one year old,” Ruby wrote in a Facebook post sharing two of the resulting images. “Twelve months of breastfeeding, 12 months of his mom being active duty, and months and months of pumping. So how do we celebrate this? A breastfeeding, breast milk cake smash and milk bath!”

The cake is cheekily made to look like a pair of breasts, and in the background are mason jars full of the mom’s breast milk. The rest of the scene leans into a dairy barn theme, including hay scattered on the ground, farm fresh crates and twinkles lights, all designed by Intuition Backgrounds by Becky Gregory.

In the second image is Connor bathing in a tub full of mom’s actual breast milk. The photo is striking. But also, let’s be honest: Anyone who’s ever breastfed knows that true sacrifices were made to fill that tub. Including Ruby. “Each bottle contained breast milk,” she explained in the caption. “And his bath at the end also had mom’s milk in it! We know this is liquid gold.”

Ruby is known for capturing stunning images that often go viral. She specializes in motherhood and military photography (Ruby is an Air Force vet herself). You may have seen one of her previous photographs featuring soldiers breastfeeding in full uniform at Fort Bliss army base that was all over the internet at the time.

There’s been a push to normalize breastfeeding in recent years. After all, breastfeeding in public didn’t become legal in all 50 states until last year! And far too many women are still on the receiving end of negative comments and shaming, when all they’re trying to do is feed their child. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding exclusively until baby is at least 6 months old, and then gradually adding solid foods while continuing to breastfeed until baby is one year or older. So anything we can do to make breastfeeding easier and more acceptable is a really good thing.

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