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Chicago Mom Petitions for Strollers On Buses

PUBLISHED ON 03/19/2015

Babies and public transportation rarely go well together. But one Chicago mom is trying to create a smoother ride.

Michelle Parker started a petition requesting the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) grant stroller users the same rights as wheelchair users. Essentially, that means caretakers wouldn't have to fold up strollers to board the bus.

Here's the thing: strollers are actually allowed to be open on the CTA, as long as they're in the priority seating area. But wheelchairs have priority over strollers, which Parker sites as unfair.

Parker's requests boil down to four points:

  • Young children are allowed to remain in strollers for the duration of their rides.
  • Designated areas for special needs on trains and buses clearly allow strollers.
  • Drivers are instructed to always kneel buses for strollers and to promptly comply if asked to lower the ramp.
  • Recordings and signage ask riders to accommodate strollers.

So far, the petition has 347 signatures.

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