These Are the Top Halloween Trends on Etsy for 2020

2020 has been a year, and everyone’s gearing up for the holidays a little early.
ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
Sep 2020
etsy halloween themed products
Photo: Courtesy Etsy
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If you’re already looking forward to Halloween, you’re not alone. According to Etsy’s 2020 Halloween Trend Guide, many people are already figuring out how to safely reimagine the beloved holiday for the “new normal.”

According to Etsy’s search data, people are shopping even earlier for Halloween, with a 27 percent increase in searches on Etsy for Halloween items. Below, a full breakdown of their findings, along with products you can shop for each.

Costume Trends

In terms of costume trends, Halloween face masks, a seamless way to incorporate safety into costumes, have risen greatly in popularity, with a 172 percent jump in searches between July and August.

Similarly, many families are also opting to stay indoors this year and in search of Halloween pajamas, which have seen a 206 percent increase in searches. Plus, searches for accents to help people stand out on video chat calls have also seen an increase, with a 68 percent increase in searches for Halloween earrings and a 23 percent increase in searches for Halloween brooches.

Halloween Face Masks

KzakkKreations Toddler Face Mask, up to $12,

Proteknit Halloween Face Mask, up to $33,

Baby Mummy Face Mask, $11, and Baby Mummy Costume, $68,

Halloween Pajamas

Shop Bunny Bear Fall Family Pajamas, up to $40,

Premium Soft Threads Matching Halloween T-Shirts, up to $27,

Haru Aki Shop Kids Lion Pajamas, $20,

Halloween Accent Accessories

A Is for Alice Shop Mermaid Sequin Cape, $41,

Baby Shop By Julia Halloween Baby Hats, up to $14,

Marching Mae Creations Boys Halloween Bowtie, $11,

Outdoor Halloween Decor

In terms of Halloween decor, Etsy has seen a 51 percent increase in searches for Halloween and trick-or-treat signs, as well as a 33 percent increase in searches for outdoor Halloween decor, including doormats, custom pumpkin items and Halloween wreaths. According to the data, it seems people are prioritizing decor to maintain the Halloween spirit, even while maintaining a safe social distance.

Halloween Signs

Summerlin Creative Co. Halloween Hand Sanitization Station Sign, $5,

Paper and Cake Halloween Yard Sign, up to $75,

Willow Lane Paperie Drive-By-Trick-or-Treat Invite, $6,

Outdoor Halloween Home Decor

Burlap Blooms Halloween Wreath, up to $129,

Nickel Designs Shop Halloween Doormat, $48,

The Lettering Studio Personalized Pukmpkin Decor, up to $44,

Haagmade Skeleton Arm Lawn Decoration, $55,

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