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Here’s The Lowdown On Prince George’s First Playdate

PUBLISHED ON 04/09/2014

Playing with the future King of England may sound posh, but hey, it's a fact that all babies drool and love to grab at the nearest toy. Prince George was no exception at his first public playdate in New Zealand, where he played with 10 other babies with their parents present as part of Prince William and Kate Middleton's tour. Here's what happened:

1. George knew what he liked when he grabbed the hand of a little girl wearing a polka-dot onesie and chose a purple tambourine to play with first, according to Us Weekly.

2. He's also apparently a healthy-sized baby, since one of the other baby's mothers remarked on her son and George's size. "They're both big boys," she said.

3. Kate had George dressed to impress, wearing a cute (and $129) Rachel Riley sailboat jumper.

4. George will probably make a commanding speaker one day (essential to being a king, of course), since he was described by a parent as being the big cheese of the playdate, so to speak. "[George] sort of took control, went into the middle of the circle, hunted out the biggest toy, propped himself up, and he owned the place basically," he told E!

5. However, if George ever decides to abdicate the throne, it could be to pursue a career as a drummer, since he reportedly loved playing with a toy drum set the most.

6. Prince William also reportedly remarked, "It's madness, there are babies everywhere!" We really wish we had that on camera.

How many other babies were at your baby's first playdate?

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