Holly Madison Reveals Her Baby Girl’s Name — Do You Like It?

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ByKylie McConville
Mar 2013
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Okay, okay. I promise there will be no jokes made on this one.

Proud new mom Holly Madison revealed some big news today! She announced the name of her beautiful baby girl and it’s … a mouthful. Just kidding. Baby girl’s name is: Rainbow Aurora Rotella.

And seriously — to each her own on this one. Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, maybe you don’t care either way. Holly chose the name because, “Growing up, there was a girl in my school named Rainbow and I was so envious of that name. I thought it was so pretty and unique!”

Ever since Holly came clean about baby’s name (oh, about 15 minutes ago), the Interwebs have taken to sharing their opinions. Since nobody does babies (or baby names!) better than our Bumpies, we wanted to see how they were feeling about the name choice.

Here’s what our crowd is feeling:

“Holly’s daughter’s name is — wait for it —Rainbow Aurora Rotella. Um, maybe they’ll just call her Rain for short?” — Mae*

“Horrendous.” — Jane

“I actually braced myself before I opened this post.  Now I wish I hadn’t.” — Josie

“RAINBOW?? Really?  RAIN. BOW.” — Heather

“Poor kid.  She already has the mom who was banging the old dude and now her name is Rainbow on top of that.” —Mauve

“Why couldn’t she use Aurora as the first name?” — Dana

“Hahaha, I didn’t really expect a whole lot, but this is just hilarious.”  — Erin

“And here I felt bad for wondering if it was going to sound like a stripper.”  — Ashley

“Oh, sad.”  — Jasmine

“Definitely would’ve been better in the middle name spot.” — Sarah

“I think Aurora is beautiful, maybe Bow will just go by that when she’s old enough to know better.”  — Meaghan

“I’m blissfully happy that I don’t know who the heck Holly Madison is.  I’m sure, whoever and wherever she is, she’s a peach.” — Tara

“This is why moms should be forced to fill out the birth cert BEFORE the drugs are given.” — Jocelyn

“Tell me, do they not know that tri-colored spiral pasta is called Rainbow Rotelle (Rotelli)?” — Deanne

“Come on ladies it could have been a lot worse!!! It could have been Raynebow… Raineboe… Rayenbow. Ah!” — Meredith

*Some names have been changed.

Regardless of what you think of the name — congratulations to Holly, her partner and their beautiful baby girl! We hope you are enjoying your first days at home together!

Want to weigh in? Tell us what you think of baby girl’s moniker!

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