John Legend Gets Real on How IVF Changed His Relationship With Teigen

“Parenthood deepens your love for your partner because you see them in a different light going through, in our case, the trouble of actually having a kid.”
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By Nehal Aggarwal, Editor
Published November 15, 2019
chrissy teigen and john legend sitting together at en event
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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have a seemingly picture-perfect family, one filled with support, laughter and a whole lot of love. But it wasn’t easy for the couple to get to.

Teigen has been open about her struggles with depression and anxiety, but in a recent interview with PEOPLE, John Legend, the newly appointed Sexiest Man Alive sat down to discuss their IVF journey and how its only deepened his relationship with Teigen through the years.

“[Parenthood] deepens your love for your partner because you see them in a different light going through, in our case, the trouble of actually having a kid,” Legend told the outlet. “Then Chrissy’s going through postpartum depression. You just see different sides of that person, and if you go through it and you learn from it and you come out the other end better for it, then it deepens and strengthens your relationship.”

Teigen has also been candid about her struggles with postpartum depression and wrote about her experience after giving birth to her daughter Luna, 3, in an essay for Glamour magazine.

Getting pregnant wasn’t easy for the couple either. Legend and Teigen’s children, Luna, 3, and Miles, 1, were both born with IVF, an experience Teigen candidly spoke about in an interview with The Cut last year, revealing that IVF didn’t work on the first try for the couple.

“There are so many different factors that go into being able to conceive a baby. The process really makes you appreciate that. But it’s also easy to grow resentful of how easy it is for some people, when you’re literally mixing your own powders and chemicals to inject into your belly, shoving progesterone up there,” Teigen told The Cut. “It’s almost like one of those things where there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s like the physical pain of labor. Once your baby is actually born, you don’t remember that pain at all.”

Throughout Teigen’s struggles with depression and anxiety and their IVF journey, Legend has been a continual pillar of support. Teigen recently tweeted a message of appreciation for her husband when he rerouted his flight to have dinner and watch Love Island UK with her.

But along with being a supportive husband, Legend is also enjoying being a dad. “I love seeing my kids discover music and playing on the piano with them. They make us laugh all the time. Luna has a sense of actual comedy. She is so much like Chrissy it’s uncanny. I guess that’s why we get along though,” the singer told PEOPLE. “We hang out together all the time. I love taking her to school and I’ll take her to lunch just the two of us a lot.” He adds that Miles is more mellow, but still, like any toddler, likes to run around. “He’s like a wrecking ball! We laugh a lot.”

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