New Mom Reflects on the Emotional Roller Coaster That Is IVF

“I was dealing with all of the emotions of having a failed IVF cycle, and honestly not wanting to do a second round of IVF.”
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January 8, 2019
woman reflects on her emotional ivf journey
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After 10 years of trying—and countless loss, disappointment, delays and heartache along the way—Candace of My Fruitful Journey couldn’t be more thrilled to join the mom club. Taking a moment to pause from her new parenting duties, the brave mama took to Instagram to reflect on her grueling IVF journey.

“This picture is from exactly one year ago today. I was dealing with all of the emotions of having a failed IVF cycle, and honestly not wanting to do a second round of IVF,” the mom admits.

Like many women in her shoes, Candace was willing to do anything and everything if it meant it upped her chances of becoming a mom.

“I was on a ridiculous diet hoping to help improve my egg quality. I wasn’t eating sugar or dairy, not eating out at restaurants, cooking fresh organic veggies three times a day, drinking a gallon of liquids a day, doing weekly acupuncture and taking a crazy amount of supplements,” she explains.

Oh, with all that in mind, Candace was also giving herself five shots a day.

IVF can be draining—physically, mentally and emotionally. Not to mention all the conflicted emotions you’re experiencing. On the one hand, you’re ready to make whatever sacrifice is necessary to help you make a baby. But there’s another small voice inside your head questioning how much longer you can put yourself through the emotional turmoil.

It’s exhausting, but, as Candace points out, it’s worth it.

In December, the mom welcomed a beautiful baby girl, choosing a name that only seemed fit: Victory.

“I did all of this for the possibility of getting pregnant. There was no guarantee that all of my efforts would make my IVF cycle successful, but I am so glad I took a chance,” she exclaims.

Countless others have also experienced great loss followed by great joy. Be inspired by these moms’ touching photos and stories about their rainbow babies.

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