Bravo TV Star’s New Book Wants to Teach Kids IVF Is Totally Normal

“I want children to know that no matter how they came into our lives, we would do it all over again.”
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March 24, 2020
bravo tv star writes book for children explaining infertility
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The journey to motherhood has many different faces—and it isn’t always easy. Now, Bravo TV star Emilia Bechrakis Serhant is doing her part to break stigma and show kids that in vitro fertilization is normal—all in the form of a picture book.

In the book, To the Moon and Back For You, families of various shapes, colors and sizes must cross deserts and mountains and navigate their way through rough seasons to find their miracle babies. Through the story, the Million Dollar Listing New York star details her experience with IVF and the myriad of emotions she—and millions of other families—faced. “I had a poem in my head, and I would jot down little words. The notes would not only be about my own path to motherhood, but also the many women’s stories I would hear,” Bechrakis Serhant tells The Bump. “The stories they’ve shared with me, of multiple losses, repeated rounds of IVF, IUIs, pregnancy through surrogacy, or donors, stories of adoption…painful and scary pregnancies…some of these stories are still not done yet, but all these are woven into this little picture book.”

Image: Lisa Richovmile & Emilia Bechrakis Serhant

With the book, she hopes to reinforce, for her daughter Zena and any other children listening, the message that they are so loved and so worth it—and that parents wouldn’t change their journey. “There are so many beautiful books out there that I read to Zena. I wanted one that would give praise to the parents who have struggled to become parents. I wanted something special to memorialize that journey. I want children to know that no matter how they came into our lives, we would do it all over again,” she explains. “I also hope the book will be a conversation starter; an opportunity to be more open with your child about how they came into being. That no matter how their parents did it, they are the greatest joy and loved all the more.”

She continues, “I hope any woman going through the same things I went through, and worse, will be patient with themselves, be kind to themselves and be gentle. We forget to heal and allow time to grieve. I realize I am speaking after a successful IVF journey, but I wish I had been nicer to myself along the way.”

To the Moon and Back For You is available to order now.

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