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The Fan-Favorite Montessori Toy Subscription Service Has a Big Discount All Month Long

The brand new toddler kits ensure your kiddo’s brain is staying sharp at a price you can’t beat.
PUBLISHED ON 05/02/2019

You’ve heard all about the Montessori method and the benefits it has for baby’s academic and developmental growth. It’s why so many parents are quick to incorporate its practices into nurseries and toys for their newborn. There are even a bunch of subscription services out there that offer methods to raising a kid through research-backed play right from the get-go.

Lovevery is a leader in the baby space. Co-founded by a mom herself, the company designs science-backed play mats and kits intended to boost brain development for babies. While you can purchase standalone products, like the Play Gym parents can’t stop ranting and raving about, Lovevery also offers an incredible subscription service featuring play kits designed to engage babies at every stage of development. The kits were previously only available for infants ages 0 to 12 months, but the company just launched an exciting new venture for toddlers.

Introducing the Toddler Play Kits! The new slew of toys were expertly-designed to foster brain development during the second year of a child’s life spanning 13 to 24 months. To kickstart the new line, Lovevery is also offering a major promotion the entire month of May. Normally, you receive 10 percent off if you pre-pay and subscribe, but the company has doubled the discount to offer 20 percent off the Toddler Play Kits all month long. All you have to do is go to the shop page, and a banner will appear at the top of the page promoting the 20 percent off of the Toddler subscription service.

Here’s a breakdown of what kind of toys your tiny tot would receive based on their age:

  • Months 13-15—The Babbler: Your kiddo is learning to communicate more through back-and-forth conversation and tuning into their surroundings. This Play Kit includes the Slide and Seek Ball Run; a set of Nesting Felt Baskets; an Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball; an Organic Cotton Watercolor Ball; and a Purple Felt Ball; Stella and Her Speedster; a Circles of Friends Puzzle; a Wooden Coin Bank and Coins; a Flexible Wooden Stacker; four books; and a Play Guide.
  • Months 16-18—The Pioneer: Kids are beginning to recognize themselves, explore their surroundings and try things for the first time. This Play Kit includes an Organic Cotton Big Kid Ball; a Race and Chase Ramp; a Fuzzy Bug Shrub; an It's Me! Mirror; Mouse in an Organic Cotton Sleep Sack and Play Things To Go Box; a Simon Says Cube and Cards; a Friends of All Shapes Puzzle; a Threadable Bead Kit; two books; and a Play Guide.
  • Months 19-21—The Realist: Now, your toddler is starting to interact with nature, household items and other objects, and is developing their senses and understanding of what things are and how they work. This Play Kit includes a Really Real Flashlight; a Community Garden Puzzle; Quilted Critter Pockets and Quilted Critters; The Lockbox and Hideaway Balls; a Grooved Pitcher and Glass; a Wooden Stacking Pegboard; four books; and a Play Guide.
  • Months 22-24—The Companion: Your curious kiddo is starting to explore how the world works through play. This Play Kit includes a doll named Little Quinn; a Montessori Animal Match; a Carry-Along Kit with Critter Stickers; Scribble Cards and Envelopes; The Buckle Barrel; a set of Large Nesting Stacking Dripdrop Cups; a Mosaic Button Board; Two-Piece Puzzles in a Puzzles To Go Box; Transfer Tweezers and Felt Stars; a Chunky Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle; two books; and a Play Guide.

Click here for more information on the new Toddler play kits.

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