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What's Your Baby's Skin Type? New Campaign Helps You Get It Right

Because baby skincare is not one-size-fits-all.
PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2017

In your mind, baby's skin is ultra-sensitive, right? You're not wrong; baby's fragile skin barrier is developing through age 2 and requires some extra TLC. But 'sensitive' is a broad statement—skin problems can be much more nuanced, and Mustela is helping parents identify them quickly.

The baby skincare brand recently launched a new campaign— What's Your Baby's Skin Type?—to highlight the differences between four main skin physiologies: normal, dry, extra-sensitive and eczema-prone. And they've rolled out special product lines for each of them.

Here's what to look for:

1. Normal Skin

Photo: Mustela

2. Dry Skin

Photo: Mustela

3. Very Sensitive Skin

Photo: Mustela

4. Eczema-Prone Skin

Photo: Mustela

"Our products have always been ahead-of-the-curve with regard to dermatological research and the use of plant-based ingredients," says Stanislas Baudry, Managing Director at Mustela USA. About 10 years of research went into this new line. "We're excited to continue that tradition of innovation with the new Bébé line and be the first brand in the category to launch products formulated specifically for four different skin types."

One of the main ingredients? Avocado perseose. And we already know babies love 'cados.

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