Nick Jonas Shares Relatable Dad Moment: Man vs. Fold-Up Ball Pit

One day, there’ll be pack-and-play items that fit back in the bag they came in. But today is decidedly not that day.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Published March 31, 2023

Nick Jonas may be a superstar known for his musical talent and good looks, but that doesn’t make the Dad of 1-year-old Malti exempt from the daily struggles and frustrations of everyday fatherhood.

The singer-songwriter recently shared a video on Instagram of himself trying to execute one of the most annoying early parenting tasks—packing away his daughter’s fold-up ball pit. In the video, Nick can be seen wrestling with the flexible ball pit, Googling how to fold it and shoving it into the bag just to have the zipper break at the last moment. “Dad stuff,” he simply captioned the frustration-filled video.

As expected, the video struck a chord with several parents who have found themselves in similar situations, wrestling with a seemingly impossible-to-fold structure. It’s a common problem that many manufacturers have tried to solve with different designs and features, but it seems a little elusive as of yet.

“Yes, when you give up and just shove it in the bag,” remarked one parent. Another added, “It never fits in the bag or box it came in. Never.” Jonas’ wife, Priyanka Chopra, even dropped in the comments to add “Dead,” jokingly.

Despite the struggle, the video is a heartwarming glimpse into Nick’s life as a dad. He clearly loves his daughter and is willing to tackle even the most challenging aspects of the elusive pack-and-play parenting. And while the ball pit may have won the battle this time, Nick’s determination and sense of humor show that he’s up for the challenge the next time around.

Read more about Jonas’ and Chopra’s parenting journey here.

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