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What Car Seat Did Will and Kate Use for Royal Baby No. 3?

They nailed it the third time around.
PUBLISHED ON 04/24/2018

When it comes to their car seats, the Royals are brand loyal. For the third time, Will and Kate took home their new addition in a Britax car seat, opting for the Britax Römer Baby-Safe (not available in the US) for baby no. 3. And this time, they’re making sure to use it correctly.

Back when Prince George came home in the Baby-Safe in 2013, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a car seat safety blunder fairly common among new parents. Rather than place blankets over the straps to keep George warm, they buckled his swaddle blanket under the straps. That extra layer of padding gets in the way of secure strap adjustment. While the straps may feel nice and tight, they could be dangerously loose, causing baby to slip out in the event of a crash. For the same reason, babies shouldn’t be strapped into a car seat while wearing a winter jacket.

Just like any parents, Will and Kate are learning as they go. Mistakes will happen—but we can help you avoid the most common ones.

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