DIY Is the Biggest Trend for Halloween Costumes in 2020, Survey Says

“Halloween is always an exciting time for crafters! It’s a real opportunity to show off your creativity and impress friends and family.”
ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
Oct 2020
diy baby sheep halloween costume with farmer mom costume
Photo: Bonnin Studio

Halloween is almost here, and, according to a new survey, many Americans are making their own Halloween costumes this year.

The survey conducted by polled 1,500 Americans and found that 65 percent of people preferred making a costume to buying one this year, and 53 percent will spend one to three hours making it.

“Halloween is always an exciting time for crafters! It’s a real opportunity to show off your creativity and impress friends and family,” Edward Griffith, Founder of, said in a release. “Although we might not be able to celebrate the holiday as normal this year, it is great to see so many people are making costumes for virtual parties. And what better excuse to make some DIY decorations than a stay at home Halloween!”

Analyzing Google Trends data, the survey found that DC comic book and movie character Harley Quinn was the most searched for costume in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Below, the most popular DIY costumes for Halloween in 2020 across the country, broken down by state.

  1. Harley Quinn: California, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia, Wisconsin
  2. Cat: South Dakota, Vermont, Delaware, DC, Hawaii
  3. The Joker: Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Mississippi, Tennessee, Rhode Island
  4. Baby Yoda: Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, New Jersey
  5. Carole Baskin: Montana, Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts, Alaska
  6. Karen: Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia
  7. Witch: Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine,
  8. Pumpkin: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota
  9. Nurse: Washington, Maryland, South Carolina, Connecticut, Florida
  10. Joe Exotic: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Alabama

The survey also found that couples costumes are also popular this year. Below, the top five couples costumes:

  1. The Joker and Harley Quinn
  2. Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin
  3. Gomez and Morticia Addams
  4. Trump and Biden
  5. Ross and Rachel

Additionally, the survey also found that searches for Halloween face masks are already more than double than what they were last year.

As for how people are celebrating, the survey found that 58 percent of Americans still plan to celebrate Halloween despite the pandemic; 63 percent plan to hand out candy; 53 percent plan to decorate their home; and 38 percent plan to allow their kids to trick-or-treat.

To see the full survey, visit For some tips on how to safely celebrate Halloween this year, check out our tips.

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