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10 Reasons Being A Mom Is The Best Excuse Of All Time

Being a mom.  There is a lot of change that comes along with becoming a mom but there are some parts of it that are simply great. I've got to admit that there are a lot of (unexpected) things that "being a mom" has helped me out with. Not that being a mom should be used as an excuse on purpose, but let's be honest — sometimes it is the best excuse. Whether its intended or not, let's enjoy the perks of it while they are there.

Here's some that I thought of:

1. You all of a sudden have a great excuse to look a bit ragged. Another plus — if you even look semi-presentable, people always comment on how great you look for having a little one to care for. Score!

2. You can sneak out of those pesky friend and family events.  Whoops, baby has an early bedtime!" to jet out of a place sooner. Am I right or am I right?

3. You finally have something to bond over with that super cool mom that you see at various social events. Nothing beats having another mom give you that "I totally understand" look from across the room.

4. Your house is a mess and guess what? Everyone suddenly understands. Another bonus? The more charitable folk might even lend a hand and fold that mile-high laundry pile when they stop over to chat (I LOVE those people!).

5.** Being late is okay.** Somehow, being late looks a little better when you are carrying a baby and are being followed by a toddler. It's a lot harder to stay annoyed when a wobbly, little kid shoots their mischievous smile at you.

6. Wait, what was I just doing? Did you just space out a bit at work? I bet your colleagues are a bit more understanding when they know you were up all night with a teething baby than if you'd been knocking them back at the local brewery.

7. Staying in is the new going out. That whole "going out" scene got really old after college (like, the day I graduated) but since having a baby it is much more kosher to have a laid back evening spent with my husband and turn on the DVR. Kudos if you can make it through the first 15 minutes of the show!

8. It's acceptable to go to bed at 8 p.m. — or earlier. You can finally go to bed early (of course, only if the little ones will first) and not feel socially awkward! You've got to get your sleep when you can.

9. You can finally give yourself a break. You've got a lot of responsibility on your plate, but somehow being a mom has finally given me the excuse to let some of the little things go. About time, huh?

10. What's for dinner? Leftovers! Simpler meals or even eating leftovers is now the new norm. Hip, hip, hooray! Before baby, I really craved variety every night when it came to meals. Nowadays, anything that is ready in a few minutes seems gourmet to me!

What things have you found that "being a mom" has given you an excuse for?

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