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Updated March 2, 2017
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“I was so depressed at having been trying for nearly a year that I started an online journal. I knew my husband was tired of me complaining, especially since he couldn’t do anything more to help the situation. Talking to my mom only led to her telling me to relax and that it ‘will happen eventually.’ I needed a way to vent my frustrations and fears without feeling judged. After realizing we couldn’t get fertility testing because of insurance costs, my husband and I sat down and had a long talk. We discussed my feelings and where we could go from here. We still had some options. It was during our 15th cycle that we finally conceived.”

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“I’d miscarried in August, so my doctor was checking my progesterone levels — when he noticed that they were high enough to indicate a pregnancy. I bought a test on my way home, but my extended family was in the house when I arrived, so I snuck upstairs to take it. It was positive!”

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“We spoke with a reproductive endocrinologist, and he said that we’d done everything we could’ve possibly done, every protocol that was out there, and there was nothing left for us to do and that it was likely an egg quality issue, in addition to low reserve… I had my daughter after a four-year journey and struggle. Now that I’m on the other side, I can tell you that I am so very grateful for every step of our journey because each brought me closer to my daughter.”

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“After three months of endometriosis treatment, I was starting to get discouraged. One morning, I got up to go to the bathroom and decided to test. When I went back to check, I saw the test lying there — and there were two pink lines. I was in total disbelief and decided to take nine more tests to be sure. They were all positive!”

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“My husband and I had been trying for six months. We tried Clomid, injectables and natural methods, but nothing worked for us! To clear our minds, we decided to put the plans on hold for one cycle. I bought a bunch of paint and light fixtures with the intent to spend my spring fixing up the house, not focusing on a baby. One day, I realized that my period was a few days late. I decided to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. When it was finally time to check, I raced into the bathroom, and there it was — a plus sign.”

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“After suffering four miscarriages throughout the years and being told I had a 2 percent chance of becoming pregnant and a 50 percent chance of another miscarriage, I thought my chances were over and I was meant to be childless. The morning of April 11, my wonderful boyfriend, Tony, planned an intimate birthday brunch date for my 44th birthday. I was nauseated and weak, but I wasn’t going to skip it! I knew something was wrong when I barely picked at my plate, all the while trying to show him how happy I was that he had brought me to this wonderful place to eat amazing food. I realized on the way home that my period was late. I told Tony, who got pretty excited and went to get a pregnancy test for me — I guess you could call that one of my birthday gifts from him. I took the test, and it was positive.”

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