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Top 7 Cloth Diapers For Baby

From washable inserts to one size fits all, check out the best cloth diapers on the market.

Best for Everyday Wear

Designed to last, gDiapers disposable inserts can be flushed, composted (pee only!) or tossed and replaced with a new one every time baby goes to the bathroom. The breathable, waterproof fabric keeps itches and irritation away, while highly technical fabrics keep baby’s biggest blowouts contained. $76 for six, Diapers.com



Best 2-in-1

Made with two inserts, you can use the Charlie Banana hybrid option (which is washable) or the disposable insert so you can change and toss on-the-go. We love the bright neon green too. $21, BabiesRUs.com



Best for Baby-to-Toddler

With three different snap-down options in the front, you can adjust the size of baby’s diaper as she grows (phew!). A special layer of sewn-in absorbency makes messes easy-to-clean and fast-drying and stay-dry fleece makes sure rashes and irritation stay away. $17, Amazon.com



Best Eco-friendly Option

Made with 95 percent organic ingredients, you can ensure baby’s bum is getting the most eco-friendly ingredients on the market. Kissa products are also made without pesticides, fertilizers, hormones or GMOs, which makes them safe for baby and the environment. Bonus: it’s lightweight and super absorbent. $18, Diapers.com



Best Leak Protection

Aside from the stylish pattern (we love it!), Kanga Care Rumparooz are the only cloth diapers with added protection around baby’s legs and bottom to contain those epic diaper explosions (sorry, but it’s a good thing babies are so adorable). $26, Kanga-Care.com



Best for Newborns

You’ll love the fact that bumGenius cloth diapers come with a special newborn waterproof insert so that baby stays snug and dry, even when she’s at her smallest. The simple, sleek design makes them easy to put on, take off and tote around to daycare. $37, BabiesRUs.com



Best for Quick-Dry

Thirsties make it easy on mom and dad (yes!). They’re machine-washable — and known for how quickly they dry. Just take them out of the washer and hang them on the line (or a dry surface). You’ll be amazed at how quickly they’re ready to wear. $14, Diapers.com*  

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