36 Festive and Fun Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Shop fresh picks for any grandma or grandpa—even the ones who seemingly have everything.
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Updated October 26, 2023
Christmas Gifts for Grandparents Hero
Image: bbernard | Shutterstock
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Grandparents fill the world with all the things we love, from warm words of wisdom to even warmer hugs. Want to give back this holiday season? We’re sharing a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for grandparents they’re sure to love. Ahead, you’ll find tons of presents to bestow on behalf of you and your little one. And while they all make perfectly good Christmas gifts, you can also save these clever ideas for another holiday or special occasion.

Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents are the foundation of our families, offering a constant source of love, support and wisdom. These super-sweet gift ideas for grandparents will show them just how important they are to your growing family.

Christmas Ornament

Yippee Daisy Grandparents Established Christmas Ornament
Image: Yippee Daisy | Etsy
Buying Options

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for grandparents, you can’t go wrong with a holiday ornament. Get this ceramic one engraved with their grandparent name(s) and the year they earned the title. It’s a keepsake they’ll cherish for years!

Photo Digitizing Kit

Legacybox Digitizing Kit
Image: Legacybox
Buying Options
Legacybox|From $35.99

Sometimes Christmas gift ideas for grandparents can be found in the archives. Dust off your old home movies, audio recordings and photographs and send them to Legacybox—it’s the simplest way to digitize all your precious memories. Gift grandparents with a kit, or send them the end result and get together for a home movie night (popcorn is optional, but highly encouraged!).

Tea Towel

Second Floor Please Tea Towel
Image: Second Floor Please | Etsy
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There really is no place like home… but Grandma and Grandpa’s house is a close second! Show them their home is loved just as much with a custom dish towel that comes in a choice of two fabrics. It’s a great way for grandkids to thank them for all the festive treats they’ve been spoiled with over the years.

Homesick Candle

Homesick’s The Nutcracker Candle
Image: Amazon
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Your kid’s love for their grandparents is one that’ll never burn out. Give a nod to that fact with a soothing scented candle. This fancy, holiday-inspired one is a foolproof present, especially if it’s tradition for your own little Mouse King or Sugar Plum Fairy to watch The Nutcracker with their grandparents each Christmas season. Looking for something just for Grammie? Check out Homesick’s Grandma’s Kitchen candle, inspired by the scents of home baking.


Uncommon Goods My Life Story - So Far
Image: Uncommon Goods
Buying Options
Uncommon Goods|$35

There’s no doubt your parents have learned a lot during their time on this earth so far. Show them how much you value their insights (and want to share them with your little one!) with this unique journal. The fill-in book contains pages of open-ended prompts where they can record their memories, stories and wisdom for future generations. They’ll be touched knowing you want them to create such a special family heirloom for your kiddos.

Mug Set

AndKateCo Grandparents Gift Mug Set
Image: AndKateCo | Etsy
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Name a more iconic pair than Grandma and Grandpa… we’ll wait! These 14-ounce stainless steel mugs will keep drinks hot (and cold!) for hours. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents who love the outdoors and their morning caffeine kick.

Allbirds Sneakers

Allbirds Loungers
Image: Allbirds

Rocking around the Christmas tree with baby can be tiring, so give the grandparents a pair of kicks that can handle the challenge. These sturdy yet slipper-like shoes are trendy and come in both men’s and women’s sizes, so you can get them as gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.

Tea Subscription

Sips by Personalized Tea Box
Image: Sips by
Buying Options
Sips by|From $48

Finding gifts to give grandparents for Christmas can be tricky. So how about treating them to a tea subscription? Sips by has tons of delicious caffeinated and herbal teas to discover. Once they complete their preference profile, they’ll get a monthly tea fix courtesy of the true tea connoisseurs. Don’t be surprised if you get a tea party invitation sometime soon… after all, how else will they get you to spill the tea about their grandkids? Good or bad, they need their fill!

Custom Sign

GRS Creation Shop Wood Sign with Names and Birthdays
Image: GRS Creation Shop | Etsy
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Etsy|From $24.99

​​Full disclosure: This editor’s grandparents had a sign just like this and everyone loved it—Grammy, Papa, guests and grandkids alike. The base bears the family name, with individual hook-on names and birthday plaques for each of their grandkids.

Artwork Picture Frame

Americanflat Kids Artwork Picture Frame
Image: Amazon
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The best Christmas gift ideas for grandparents are personal. And what could be more personal than your kid’s artwork? When we say drawings, plural, we really mean it—this shatterproof picture frame opens up like a book to reveal up to 50 pieces. Whenever Nana and Pops have company, they can go to town showing off their lovebug’s latest collection, because what grandparent doesn’t want to rave about their grandkid’s artistic abilities (amateur or not!)?

Matching Robes

L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe
Image: L.L Bean

Get everybody in on the holiday tradition with matching family pajamas and robes for their grandparents. That said, these long, Portuguese cotton flannel robes can be worn well past the holidays, which makes this one of the more practical Christmas gift ideas for grandparents.

Shearling Gloves

UGG Genuine Shearling Tech Gloves
Image: Nordstrom
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Gloves are one of our favorite gifts to give grandparents for Christmas—particularly the more luxurious ones. These handsome-looking leather gloves will keep hard-working hands toasty. Plus, smart technology makes the fingers touchscreen compatible. Grandparents always take care of us, so why not treat them both? UGG makes cozy gloves for both men and women

Throw Blanket

Uncommon Goods Fabric of Our Family Blanket - Building Blocks
Image: Uncommon Goods
Buying Options
Uncommon Goods|$145

This pattern is made up of “building blocks” representing all the things that make your family so amazing, from the people it celebrates (including baby!) to where they live, what their hobbies are and more. It’s soft enough for snuggling but stylish enough to display as a tapestry. Either way, it may just bring a tear (or many) to their eyes.

Audiobook Membership

Audible Membership
Image: Amazon
Buying Options
Amazon|From $15

Top-notch Christmas gift ideas for grandparents are hard to come by, especially if they’re the kinds of people who have everything. An Audible membership could be the answer to your gift-giving prayers! With thousands of audiobooks, documentaries and podcasts to choose from, there’s something to keep everyone entertained.

Eyeglass Holder

Uncommon Goods Songbird Eyeglasses Holder
Image: Uncommon Goods
Buying Options
Uncommon Goods|$36

Sometimes the best gifts for grandparents are ones that solve everyday hassles. Consider the daily search for their glasses officially canceled, all thanks to this adorable bird-shaped eyeglasses holder. The piece will make a great addition to their decor, even when it’s not holding their signature specs.

Wooden Family Tree

Marked Moments Wooden Family Tree
Image: Marked Moments | Etsy
Buying Options
Etsy|From $60

Personalized Christmas gift ideas for grandparents are always extra special, and if family means everything to them, this keepsake will mean the world. Get this American grown, sustainably harvested wood slab engraved with rings representing their generation and the ones that have come since—plus the ones that came before too, if you’d like!

Weekender Bag

Dagne Dover XL Landon Carryall Tote
Image: Saks Fifth Avenue

If the grandparents travel a lot to visit you and your kids, it’s likely that their overnight bags are very beat up. Make all those trips better with brand new gear, like these sophisticated and extra-roomy carryalls. What’s better than Christmas gifts for grandparents that pave the way to seeing their grandkids more?

Video Chat Device

Meta Portal Plus Smart Video Calling 14” Touch Screen
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Here’s yet another great gift for long-distance grandparents. This smart device lets them video chat with their grandchildren in a snap. But that’s not all—it’s got an amazing augmented reality feature that animates the screen for digital story time!

Christmas Gifts From Baby to Grandparents

Want to pay tribute to the special bond between your little one and their grandparent? That’s where these gifts from baby come in. They’re all thoughtful presents perfect for your parents’ first Christmas as grandparents.

Personalized Storybook

Bunnies by the Bay What Will My Grandchild Call Me Book & Huey Hare
Image: Maisonette
Buying Options

Get ready to surprise your parents with the news they’ve been waiting for! This set includes a lovely storybook accompanied by Huey Hare, an adorable stuffed bunny in super-soft white and brown fur. Picture future Grandma and Grandpa hugging the bunny, which will then be your cue to ask what the book is called. They’ll read the title out loud (and may take a second for it to sink in), and the rest is Christmas history.

Correspondence set

Uncommon Goods Grandparent Pen Pal Set
Image: Uncommon Goods
Buying Options
Uncommon Goods|$32

The generation gap is never more real when it comes to long-distance communication—if the grandparent in your life still appreciates the thoughtfulness and care of a hand-written letter, and your little one prefers to express themselves exclusively via emoji, this pen pal set—chock full of prompts, lists and even games—might be the answer to make letter-writing fun.

Life Story

Storyworth Keepsake Book
Image: Storyworth

Christmas gift ideas for grandparents can tell a story, and none more so than Storyworth—the ideal present from baby to your folks. Each week, the grandparents will receive a question to share their life history bit by bit. At the end of one year, the stories are bound in a gorgeous hardcover book. This is an heirloom-quality gift that both grandparents and baby can treasure forever.

Ice Cream Maker

YayLabs! Softshell Ice Cream Ball
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

In your kid’s eyes, Grandma and Grandpa are already the best grandparents ever. But turn their home into a playground-slash-ice cream factory and they’ll reach all-star status. They can fill this ball with all the necessary ingredients (instructions and recipes are included), then roll, shake and toss it around with their grandkids for 20 minutes. When they open it back up, they’ll have “magically” made ice cream! The real gift, though, is the quality time they’ll get to spend with their grandchildren.

Custom Hammer

TIME and AGAIN by Russ Grandparents Gift
Image: TIME and AGAIN by Russ | Etsy
Buying Options

Looking for unique and practical Christmas gifts from baby for Grandpa? A brand new hammer just might be your answer. But this isn’t just any hammer—it represents his bond to his grandchild. Get it engraved with a special, thematic message like, “I can’t wait to build memories with you.”

Beauty Set

Jo Malone Christmas Cracker Set
Image: Neiman Marcus

Perhaps you’re looking for a Christmas gift just for Grandma? Grandmothers do so much for us, so show your appreciation with this luxurious set from Jo Malone. The limited-edition Christmas collection is filled with a trio of best-selling beauty products by the cult brand. It’s a fantastic gift for glamorous grannies!

Video Compilation

Tribute Video Montage
Image: Tribute
Buying Options
Tribute|From $29

What better way to honor the bond between grandparents and baby than a heartfelt video message? Tribute makes it easy to produce, edit and send quality video montages. The process is simple: Invite friends and family, collect individual messages and share. It’s a thoughtful Christmas gift from baby to grandparents if ever we saw one.

Personalized Puzzle

Minted Snapshots 12-Piece Custom Puzzle
Image: Minted
Buying Options

If you’re going for a “surprise and delight” moment, try turning a family photo—like one of your new baby or whole brood of kids—into a jigsaw puzzle. Gift it unassembled, let the grandparents piece it together and happily await the phone call saying, “It’s finished! How adorable!”

Drawing Plates

Moonflower Memories Child’s Drawing Transfer Plate
Image: Moonflower Memories | Etsy
Buying Options

It’s safe to say your kid produces a ton of art—now what to do with it all? Sure, you could just frame the original work, but you could also turn their favorite masterpiece into an even better gift for their grandparents. Why not have their doodle printed onto one (or a set!) of these ceramic plates? They’re great Christmas gifts for grandparents who host for the holidays. Trust us, they’ll want to put them to use right away.

Photo Book

Artifact Uprising Everyday Photo Book
Image: Artifact Uprising

This beautifully bound gift serves as a personalized coffee table book the grandparents can flip through whenever they’d like. Customize the colors and page count for a truly bespoke piece—because some of the best Christmas gift ideas for grandparents are those that are designed just for them.

Bird Feeder

Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Turn every visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s into a bird-watching excursion. This transparent feeder attaches to their window for a close-up view of the action. It’s a clever Christmas gift idea for grandparents who love nature and want to share that passion with their grandchildren.

Wall Calendar

Artifact Uprising Modern Wall Calendar
Image: Artifact Uprising

Give them a whole year’s worth of enjoyment with this Christmas gift for grandparents: a custom photo calendar with 12 months of special snapshots. Fill it with images from their grandchild’s first year to showcase baby’s growth. It’s an extra-meaningful gift any grandparent will appreciate.

Wind Chimes

Wood by Stu Personalized Wind Chimes Gift
Image: Wood by Stu | Etsy
Buying Options

At this age, your parents have likely begun appreciating life’s little wonders. That’s where this outdoor decor comes in. The seller makes designs for both grandmothers and grandfathers, and the customized chimes produce charming sounds as lovely as the grandchildren they represent.

Herb Garden

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 & Plant Pods Kit
Image: Bloomingdales

Shopping for Christmas gifts for grandparents with a green thumb? This herb garden with three lettuce, mini tomato and basil plants is a gift they’ll love. Grandad, Grandma and baby can all get their hands dirty with this innovative countertop growing system. It sets up in minutes and lets you start harvesting fresh herbs in no time.

Photo Frame

Little Things by Lucy Grandparents Photo Frame
Image: Little Things by Lucy | Etsy
Buying Options

This is one of our favorite gifts for grandparents because of the frame’s adorable message: “Grandparents hold our tiny hands just for a little while but our hearts forever.” Sign off the note with baby’s name and include a couple of family photos for an extra touch of personalization. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

Skylight 10-Inch Wifi Digital Photo Frame
Image: Amazon
Buying Options

Another way to commemorate their time with baby is by filling this digital picture frame with the multitude of photos that have no doubt been taken of them with their new grandkid. Talk about a tear-jerkingly good Christmas gift idea for grandparents.

Photo Messenger App

Uncommon Goods Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger
Image: Uncommon Goods
Buying Options
Uncommon Goods|$140

Here’s a heartwarming Christmas gift idea for grandparents who live far away: a pair of Loveboxes. Their grandchild keeps one box and they keep the other, and when either party wants to reach out with some love, they can use the free app and their box to deliver photos, love notes and drawings. So, for instance, if your little one sends something to their grandparents, the chunky red heart on their Lovebox spins around like crazy until they open the lid and check out its contents. Grandma and Grandpa can send a waterfall of hearts back their way (through the app) with a simple spin of their own heart toggle.

Custom Family Portraits

Paint Your Life Hand-Painted Portraits
Image: Paint Your Life

Searching for Christmas gift ideas for grandparents that really bring the wow-factor? Paint Your Life is a dedicated team of artists that’ll transform your photos into family portraits. Why not commission a painting of baby and grandparents’ first meet-up and present it as baby’s gift to them? Just be prepared for a tearful reaction when this gift gets unwrapped.

How We Chose the Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

We get it—holiday shopping can feel like a chore. To help you find the perfect gift for the special grandparent in your life, our goal is to do the bulk of the research, so you don’t have to spend hours searching online. To decide which products are the best options on the market, we leverage our familiarity with leading brands to make sure items are from reliable manufacturers. We read user reviews to get the low-down on how these products work for families, and typically don’t consider anything with less than an average four-star rating.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here.

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