Editor Picks: the Holiday Gifts We’re Excited to Give Our Own Kids This Year

Need some gift ideas for the babies, toddlers and kids in your life? Here’s what our editors are buying their little ones this holiday season.
ByThe Bump Editors
December 6, 2019
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The holiday season comes with many beloved traditions and family rituals. Chief among them? Gift-giving. Granted, shopping for the perfect present can be a chore (particularly for hard-to-please relatives!), but shopping for the babies, toddlers and kids in your life can be positively delightful. Trust us, watching their little faces light up as they unwrap each gift will make all the late-night shopping worthwhile. Stuck for ideas? The Bump editors are sharing the gifts we’re eyeing for our own kids, in case you want to follow suit. Here you’ll find holiday gift recommendations for newborns, toddlers and older children, so you’re sure to discover something for any age (or occasion!).

Kristen Maxwell Cooper, Editor in Chief

Image: Courtesy Michelle Rose Photos

We’re finally staying put for the holidays! Our immediate families live all over the country (Virginia, Colorado, Florida, etc.), so in the past, a lot of our holidays were spent in airports traveling city to city to see as much family as possible. But with a 2-year-old and another one on the way (due in February!), we’re looking forward to spending a nice quiet holiday at home.

Image: Courtesy Chromewheels

What I’m Gifting My 2-Year-Old: Chromewheels Mega Glidekick 3-Wheel Foldable Scooter

My daughter’s idea of fun is riding one of her many “cars” (read: anything she can sit on with four wheels) down the driveway as fast as her little legs will take her (cue mom panic!). But I love her bravery and think it’s time we got her a scooter—yes, I might be crazy. My plan is to start with this three-wheel scooter and some flat ground. And yes, we already have a helmet ready to go!

Buy it: $46,

Lauren Kay, Executive Editor

Image: Courtesy Lauren Kay

I have a curious and imaginative 5-year-old son and a strong-willed, girly girl 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter who is obsessed with anything “babies.” Our family celebrates Christmas (we may have already decked the halls, cough) and are riding out the rest of this crazy year in Florida with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins—oh my! We’ve been leaning into this whole suburban thing since we usually live in New York City and have been living in the backyard. We’re excited for gingerbread house making, matching family jammies and a sunny Christmas day!

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Image: Courtesy Loog

What I’m Gifting My 5-Year-Old: Loog Pro VI Electric Guitar

When I saw this new version on Kickstarter, I immediately pulled the trigger. My son loves his original three-string Loog and will be psyched to graduate to this “big kid” model. This electric guitar has six strings and a built-in amp. The Loog app has an augmented reality feature that actually teaches you how to play! Best of all, the songbook contains classic tunes like the Beatles, the Stones and Taylor Swift—i.e., we won’t hate hearing him practice!

Buy it: Starting from $150,

Image: Courtesy American Girl

What I’m Gifting My 2-and-a-Half-Year-Old: Bitty Baby Doll Care & Play Set

My daughter Eleanor recently discovered American Girl dolls—thanks to her older cousins—and is obsessed! She has been begging for a baby doll with red hair like her brother (surprisingly hard to find!). I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning when she unpacks this itty bitty baby. The set comes with a handful of accessories, like a bottle, toy and blanket, that will keep her busy for hours (she has a lot of self-imposed “Mommy” duties these days!).

Buy it: $98,

Ashlee Neuman, Deputy Editor

Image: Courtesy Ashlee Neuman

By the time the holidays officially roll around, I’ll be a mom of two little girls! I have an animal-obsessed 2-and-a-half-year-old who loves arts & crafts and outdoor adventures, and I’m expecting baby no. 2 in November. Our family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, but we limit our gift-giving to Christmas Day. This year I’ll be hunting down presents for a growing toddler and a newborn to put under the tree!

Image: Courtesy Banwood

What I’m Gifting My 2-Year-Old: Banwood First Go! Scoot Bike

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve tried to keep our toddler busy and entertained with various activities–and one of the biggest hits was strapping her into a toddler bike seat and taking her for a spin on the back of our bikes. Lately she’s taken to asking, “Mommy, do you mind if I ride your bike?” I can’t wait to give her a bike of her own! This one is just too cute, and I know she’ll be enthralled by that little basket.

Buy it: $189,

Image: Courtesy Lovevery

What I’m Gifting My Newborn: Lovevery Play Kits Subscription

I bought the Play Gym by Lovevery for my older daughter when she was born and was instantly a huge fan, but the brand hadn’t launched their play kits at that point. For baby no. 2, I am definitely jumping on the bandwagon and subscribing for these amazing boxes of play essentials. I love that each is packed with age-appropriate, development-booting toys, plus a handy play guide (because let’s face it, even as a second-time mom I’m going to need a refresher!).

Buy it: Starting from $36 per month,

Jen Hayes Lee, Head of Marketing

Image: Courtesy Jen Hayes Lee

It’s never a dull moment with three sons under 5 (ages 5, 3 and 1) and the holidays are no exception! On Christmas morning our guys receive two special presents from Santa and one gift from Mommy and Daddy. We try to focus on family time instead of a day-long marathon of gift-opening.

Image: Courtesy Crate&kids

What I’m Gifting My 1-Year-Old: Crate & Kids Fire Station Playhouse

My son is obsessed with Firemen and anything rescue-related! This little fire station playhouse will give him his own space and allow his imagination to run wild.

Buy it: $199,

Daniela Kelley McInerney, Video Producer

Image: Courtesy Daniela Kelley McInerney

My partner and I are first-time parents, happily navigating our new reality of eating at home most (all) nights, cherishing moments with our little girl and seeing the world for the first time all over again (even if “the world” is between the four walls of our home). We plan on enjoying the entire case of wine we ordered over Christmas break, because what’s better than a glass of Chianti to help distract from the total chaos of working from home during a pandemic with a toddler?

Image: Courtesy Woodandhearts

What I’m Gifting My 22-Month-Old: Woodandhearts Climbing Gym

We’re looking forward to gifting our vivacious 22-month-old something that results in immediate, distracted satisfaction. If your 2-year-old is anything like ours, they’re probably scaling anything that’s standing, hurling their tiny bodies into a potentially dangerous situation. This climbing gym will hopefully at least contain the addiction into a designated area (we’re also adding a pad beneath to combat inevitable bumps and bruises). The plan is to set this baby up on Christmas Eve, cover it in wrapping paper and stick a giant bow on top, like one of those holiday car commercials.

Buy it: $420,

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