17 Easy Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Make Dad’s day extra-special with these too-cute Father’s Day crafts for kids.
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Published May 9, 2019

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to remind Dad how much he means to his family—and if he’s got toddlers or preschoolers at home, his special day couldn’t possibly be complete without a Father’s Day craft. It doesn’t matter if it’s covered in scribbles or dripping with glue; he’ll look right past that and see a heartfelt gift made just for him. Need some great Father’s Day craft ideas? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite Father’s Day crafts for preschoolers and toddlers. Consider pairing these with some lottery tickets, a six-pack of his favorite craft brew or something else on his wish list for a Dad’s day he’ll never forget.

Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Preschoolers make the best crafting assistants. Not only do they love to help, but they’re also learning the basics of important fine-motor skills like cutting, gluing and tracing. Channel those newfound skills with our list of adorable Father’s Day crafts for preschoolers.

Tuxedo card

Here’s a dressed-up card that’ll steal Dad’s heart on Father’s Day. Brought to you from Andreja at Easy Peasy Fun, it’s a heart-shaped card that doubles as a tuxedo. When he’s done swooning over the outside of the card, he can unfold it to reveal a four leaf clover, where the kiddos can write a sweet message about how “lucky” they are to have him in their lives.

Paper bag book

You’d never guess writing a book would be on our list of easy Father’s Day craft ideas, but this paper bag book from I Heart Crafty Things is a breeze to pull together. Your preschooler can be the writer and illustrator of their very own “book” for Dad, made from a paper bag and bound together with string. Just add a cute cover and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind gift.

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All About My Dad

Here’s another craft that makes Dad the subject of his own book, this time using printables and prompts from the Lia Griffith site. This craft combines your preschooler’s scribbles with some seriously adorable answers to the question prompts. Dad will have a blast learning that he’s three inches tall and has “small hair.” A cover illustrated by your little one is the icing on the cake on this super-cute craft created with Dad in mind.

Father’s day coupon box

What dad would refuse a little help around the yard or a buddy for some of his side projects? We can’t think of any! That’s why this cute Father’s Day coupon box from All Kids Network is one of our favorite Father’s Day craft ideas. Cut out some fish from construction paper and jot down “coupons” on them that Dad can redeem for hugs or help, or whatever else your little ones can dream up. Then, let your little ones go crazy with construction paper and glue to decorate a one-of-a-kind container for the fish to live in.

Scrabble tile frame

A good picture frame belongs on any list of best Father’s Day craft ideas, right? Because when you’re a parent, there’s no such thing as too many pictures of your kids. We’re in love with this simple, masculine DIY frame from Andreja at Easy Peasy Fun. Scrabble tiles spell out a special message for Dad on this photo frame—so in addition to having fun with a Father’s Day crafts project, your littles will get a spelling lesson too. We’ll call that a win! Once you’ve worked together to select a message for the frame, hand over the glue and let your preschooler go to town.

Photo remote caddy

There’s more than a “remote” chance Dad will absolutely adore this remote control caddy, courtesy of Nadia at Teach Me Mommy. If you’re looking for Father’s Day craft ideas that involve your preschooler but look a bit more refined, your search is over. Using a basic box and some mod podge, you and your kiddo can create a Father’s Day gift the whole family will love to look at for years to come.

Best Dad sign

Here’s a cute way to let your little one show Dad how much he means to them. This adorable “Best Dad Hands Down” picture from La-La’s Home Daycare is a “hands-down” winner when it comes to Father’s Day crafts for preschoolers. Your child will have a blast inking their hands with paint and planting their handprint on paper. You can handle the writing and hole-punching, while your kiddo can pick out a colored ribbon to use as a hanger.

All About My Dad poster

Happy Home Fairy brings us this sweet “All About My Dad” poster that your preschooler can help put together. Little ones are pretty much guaranteed to answer questions about Dad hilariously wrong, but it’s all part of the fun. Happy Home’s version of this classic Father’s Day craft idea adds some pictures of your kiddo to the top of the poster.

Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Father’s Day craft ideas for toddlers should be simple and quick to complete, since toddlers don’t quite have the attention spans of school-aged children yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work together to create something Dad will love to call his own. Keep reading for some of our favorite Father’s Day craft ideas for the younger set. Spoiler alert: lots of handprints here!

Crayon art rock paperweight

There’s a good chance Dad’s desk could use a colorful pick-me-up—and these pretty rock paperweights are easy Father’s Day crafts that are just right for the job. Red Ted Art brings us a fun project that uses broken and unused crayons (because we’ve all got plenty of them!) melted down to decorate rocks. If a paperweight isn’t really Dad’s style, these adorable rocks can be used to brighten up a garden or add a pop of color to his bedside table.

Heart thumbprint key chain

Every dad needs a keychain that shows off his pride and joy: his kiddos. And we’re totally inspired by this one, from the Inspiration Vault site. Here, an oven-baked clay heart features a little one’s thumbprint, so Dad will have a visual reminder of his toddler when he’s away. And since this craft pretty much only involves a thumbprint, it’s also an adorable option if you’re looking for Father’s Day craft ideas for babies.

Handprint baseball

Is Dad into baseball? If so, you’re in luck, because we’ve got one of the cutest Father’s Day craft ideas for fans of America’s favorite pastime. And bonus—it’s incredibly easy too! Simply gift him a baseball with your little one’s handprint for a Father’s Day present he’ll display long after your kiddo heads to college. Check out the Sunny Day Family blog for instructions on making this adorable memento for Dad.

Handprint elephants

When it comes to making memories with toddlers, handprints (and footprints) are always a go-to, because they let us look back and remember those tiny fingers and toes. If you’re looking for easy Father’s Day crafts, this elephant handprint project from Seaside Sundays is a great option. Since it involves two handprints, this Father’s Day craft idea is perfect for siblings.

Sports team coaster

Looking for the best Father’s Day craft ideas for avid sports fans? We’ve got you covered with these super cool sports team coasters from Playground Park Bench. They combine toddler scribbles with actual team logos for an adorable craft that toddlers—and the dads who love them—will totally dig.

Salt dough handprint bowl

Why not turn that handprint into a small bowl that Dad can use to keep his keys and other small items? That’s exactly what Messy Little Monster did for Father’s Day, and now you can too! It’s one of the cutest Father’s Day craft ideas we’ve seen.

Father’s Day photo collage

We can’t get enough of this totally adorable photo collage from Crafts on Sea. Using colored construction paper, she cut out the words “We Love Dad” and took pictures of her toddlers posing with the pictures. The results? Completely swoon-worthy. And by the looks of it, the kids loved it too!

Handprint dad

When it comes to Father’s Day craft ideas for toddlers, there’s nothing better than handprint art, and these “handprint Dads” from Easy Peasy Art are ahh-dorable. Toddlers will have a blast creating tiny dads using just their hands. Let them choose paint colors based on what they think he should wear, then you can fill in the details, like facial features. We’re positive Dad will get a major kick out of seeing himself portrayed in handprints.

Guess Whooo

Guess whooo will love this super adorable Father’s Day craft? Dad, that’s who! This sweet card in the shape of an owl come courtesy of the I Heart Crafty Things blog. The owl’s wings open to reveal a picture of your little one that Dad can keep and display wherever he chooses. And since toddlers love to use glue, yours will get a major kick out of gluing the eyes and the picture on the owl, while you handle the wings.

Published May 2019

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