How Women Really Feel About Giving Birth on Friday the 13th

ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
Apr 2018
cake for birthday on friday the 13th

How far would you go to avoid giving birth on Friday the 13th? Bumpies don’t seem particularly superstitious, but the possibility of being induced on Friday the 13th was enough to spark conversation on our community boards:

“My OB can only do a c-section on Friday the 13th or the 18th. I thought the 13th would be great since it is the weekend and my in-laws could watch the kids, however my husband freaked out. Should I move it?”

Responses were mixed.

“Friday the 13th would not bother me, I was born on the 13th! I would avoid Friday though, if possible. I work in a hospital and weekend staff are never the regulars.”

“If it weirds you out, I wouldn’t do it. You don’t need any extra stress on your due date.”

“You could be induced on that day, but not deliver until the 14th.”

“My nephew’s birthday is that day and he’s fine! Also, my niece was born two years ago on a Friday the 13th and she’s the greatest!”

“After doing more research, I’m changing my answer of not caring. Apparently the latest studies show that if you give birth on Friday the 13th, there is an 82 percent chance that your baby will be Lindsay Lohan. You should definitely discuss this risk with your doctor.”

“No, I wouldn’t change it. It is a day just like any other. It is silly to be freaked out by the date, in my opinion.”

“I used to be one of those people that was superstitious on Friday the 13th. But in 2009, my 9-month-old was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. It was the scariest day of my life, especially because it was Friday the 13th. But the surgery went perfectly and now Friday the 13th is a wonderful day to me.”

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“I know it’s just a superstition, but if I were able to pick the date I think I would just avoid this one. I know some OBs who will not even do elective inductions or c-sections on this day unless there’s a medical emergency.”

“My c-section is scheduled for the 20th. But since I’m having twins and am starting to develop high blood pressure and swelling, the doctor said I may go a week early. We had Jason picked out for one of the boys…well that name will change if I go in on the 13th!”

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