Actress Ellie Kemper Jokes She's '102 Weeks Pregnant' in Bump Photo

The third trimester can definitely feel like a long haul.
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By Laurie Ulster, Contributing Writer
Published September 3, 2019
actress ellie kemper jokes about her pregnancy
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Actress Ellie Kemper, due with baby #2 sometime this fall, took to Instagram to show off her growing baby bump, and her post perfectly sums up life in the third trimester: “102 weeks pregnant,” the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Office star joked. The post already has over 160,000 likes.

Almost any woman who’s been pregnant can sympathize. From the weight gain to the unpredictable mood shifts, food cravings, lack of sleep (that’s only going to get worse) and unsolicited advice from total strangers, the third trimester can feel like it’s never going to end.

Kemper’s fans (who clearly include a lot of other moms) sympathized, joining in with tongue-in-cheek comments like, “Halfway there, congrats!” and, “The 26th month is the hardest I’ve heard.” Someone else offered the advice, “Keep holding out. If you wait for 500 weeks…they’ll come out potty trained.” (If only!)

Her celebrity pals—like Rose Byrne, Amy Sedaris, Kimmy Schmidt co-star Lauren Adams, and Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey from The Office—also chimed in, gushing about how beautiful she looks.

The actress has a 3-year-old son with her husband, writer Michael Koman. News broke of her second pregnancy when her stylist Jessica Paster first mentioned it on Instagram back in May.

Some of her fans who missed the announcement didn’t seem quite sure if the new picture was a joke or not, possibly forgetting that Kemper’s background is in comedy. A few thought she’d been Photoshopping herself and wasn’t pregnant at all, while others remained confused about the excessive length of her pregnancy.

“Wait why 102? You are only supposed to be pregnant for 9 months,” someone asked—a question posed by more than a few other followers. We’re guessing these well-intentioned fans have never been pregnant—and plenty of other commenters were quick to point out that the actress was joking.

Kemper may have been kidding, but the wait for baby’s arrival sure can feel long. If you’re slogging through the end of your own pregnancy and could use a laugh, check out these hilarious memes that sum up the third trimester—at the very least, you’ll feel a little less alone.

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