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Anisa Arsenault
Associate Editor

12 Memes That Sum Up Your Third Trimester

You may not fully understand what’s going on with you. But the internet does.

Ah, the third trimester. That awkwardly uncomfortable time when you can’t be held accountable for your temper, your cravings or your bodily functions. People love to tell you that you’re in the homestretch—but that doesn’t make you feel better now. Thankfully, laughter is the best medicine. And these 12 memes are your daily dose.

1. When someone asks you if you’re prepared for birth.

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2. Getting something you didn’t register for at your baby shower.

Photo: ABC News

3. Trying to remember the last time you slept.

Photo: https://giphy.com/gifs/hot-summer-sleep-PGuy8qLhVIrw4/download

4. Arguing with your partner over baby names.

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5. When a stranger attempts to touch your bump.

6. Listening to your co-worker’s parenting advice

7. Pregnancy cravings getting the best of you.

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8. Accepting that every part of you is swollen.

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9. When your partner asks how you’re doing.

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10. When someone tells you natural birth isn’t that bad.

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11. You, learning two new words: lightning crotch.

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12. Your last day at the office before maternity leave officially starts.

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Published August 2017