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Pregnancy Journals

Record your pregnancy moments with these cute journals.

Mamentos B.C. Before Child Pregnancy Journal

Overly formal pregnancy journals can seem like an intimidating time-suck. This journal takes an informal and humorous approach that gets the words flowing and makes chronicling your pregnancy fun. $15 at Egg2Cake.com

Photo: Courtesy of the Publisher / The Bump

The Belly Book

Fill-in prompts for writing about morning sickness, maternity clothes you never want to see again, and food cravings will make sure you never forget your pregnancy experience. Organized by trimester, it includes pages for belly photos and ultrasound images. $11 at Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy of the Publisher / The Bump

Embrace, A Pregnancy Journal

Gorgeously illustrated by Nikki McClure, a paper-cut artist and children book author based in Olympia, WA, this journal gives expectant moms a keepsake-worthy place to document their pregnancy journey. $12 at Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy of the Publisher / The Bump

The Pregnancy Journal

This day-to-day journal is both a diary and a pregnancy guide. It’s full of fascinating facts about how your baby is growing and what's going on in your body, and it includes useful health and nutrition advice. $20 at Giggle

Photo: Courtesy of the Publisher / The Bump

Pregnancy Journal Book

This handmade pregnancy journal is printed on heavy cardstock, making it ideal as a keepsake to share with your child one day. It includes a place to record memories as well as a calendar, blank note pages, and pages to mount baby bump pictures. $40 at Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy of the Publisher / The Bump