Best of Pregnancy Winner for Best Pregnancy Meditation App

Embrace the zen in pregnancy and beyond with this app.
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March 21, 2022
Best of Pregnancy Meditation App: Expectful
Image: Courtesy Expectful
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And the Winner Is: Expectful

Pregnancy can be stressful (no pressure, you’re just growing a human). One way to counter the worries and woes that come with the trying territory of each trimester? Meditation. Before you disregard and scroll by, take a break and a breath—and reflect on all the ways that adopting a mindful approach to motherhood can help you push through the many challenges ahead, from encountering unexpected complications (hello, high-blood pressure) to facing relationship changes, right up to labor, delivery and beyond.

Of course, as a meditation newbie, you’re not expected to just know what to do. Fortunately, there’s an app for that. Our favorite downloadable resource to help you channel your inner pregnancy zen? Expectful. Their guided meditations help you manage the big feelings and even bigger expectations that come with pregnancy, while also preparing you for the physical feat of birthing a baby. Pregnancy is full of question marks; learning to face them through meditation will help you feel empowered on the often bumpy path to parenthood.

What We Love

  • Expectful offers meditation sessions for every stage of your journey, whether you’re trying to conceive, newly pregnant or in the throes of parenthood

  • The app offers other services, including online events, support groups for parents and one-on-one virtual health and wellness sessions with nutritionists, sleep specialists, lactation consultants and other experts

Check out some of our other favorite pregnancy meditation apps**

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