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9 Worst Things Pregnant Women’s Partners Say

You might have expected to hear unwanted comments from strangers during your pregnancy, but you probably weren’t expecting your partner’s words to offend you too — right? From remarks about weight gain to undermining her ability to give birth drug-free, here are the most hurtful comments Bumpies have heard from their partner during pregnancy. Feel free to pass this to your main squeeze as a guide on what not to say. Ever.

“My husband asked if being pregnant is like being really full from too much food all the time. I couldn’t believe it — my baby belly is nothing like his beer belly!” — Rosa T.

“I had been complaining about feeling sick all the time and he said, ‘You've been nauseous and throwing up for 30 weeks... aren’t you used to it yet?’ Meanwhile, every time he has a sniffle the world totally ends!” — Natalie R.

“We were at the doctor’s office and my husband said, ‘Don’t you think she looks a little bigger than she should?’ I was so embarrassed. I knew he meant well (I had gestational diabetes and had gained more weight than I would have liked), but to hear my husband say it out loud to the doctor — instead of in private, to me — made me turn scarlet!” — Louise V.

“Okay, so I might’ve given in to my cravings a little too much in the beginning of my first pregnancy, but my husband telling me to cut back on the snacks definitely hurt my feelings. He said, ‘Honey, you’re eating too much — you’re not having twins.’” — Nancy W.

“I didn’t have an easy pregnancy. I ached, I was nauseous, I gained weight, I couldn’t sleep — but the worst of all was hearing my husband say, ‘You complain too much.’” — Rachael S.

“My partner said, ‘Babe, your butt is so big.’ I know she didn’t mean it as an insult, but really, how else was I supposed to take it?” — Lisa H.

 “During labor with our first, my husband was watching the monitor and kept telling me, ‘The worst of that contraction is over,’ like he was the one having them! It was adorable that he was trying to help (and I really did appreciate it) but he had no clue that the worst had yet to come. And I was delivering naturally!” — Sarah E.

“My husband actually shushed me during labor! I was swearing and the door to our room was open so he thought I would freak out the neighboring patients. I didn’t care! It hurt!” — Lynne H.

“I know my husband’s heart was in the right place when he said this, but he told me that he didn’t think I could give birth to our daughter naturally, so I should just go ahead and get an epidural. I was so offended — it felt like he didn’t believe in me.” — Reyna B.

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