24 Funny Maternity Shirts That Give 'Belly Laugh' a Whole New Meaning

Make a silly statement in these funny pregnancy T-shirts that perfectly play up your bump.
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ByEmily Platt
Associate Editor
Aug 2020
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As your pregnancy progresses, more and more eyes will gravitate toward your belly. Since you’ve already got their attention, you might as well make the most of it! A hilarious way to greet curious glances? Wear funny maternity shirts, be they silly or downright snarky. Your bump gives you the perfect platform to express yourself, your joys and your frustrations (ahem, giving up wine). So put on one of these funny pregnancy shirts and make light of it all.

Photo: Courtesy Two Jays Creative

"I'm So Crafty I Make People"

Calling all DIY lovers: This bestselling funny maternity T-shirt is for you.

Buy it: Two Jays Creative I’m So Crafty I Make People Funny Maternity Shirt, starting from $18, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Strong Girl Clothing

"Mama Shark"

You’ve heard the song everywhere and baby’s not even born yet! Give a nod to the hype around the (too?) catchy children’s ditty “Baby Shark” with this funny pregnancy T-shirt.

Buy it: Strong Girl Clothing Mama Shark Pregnancy Announcement Shirt, $20, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Motherhood Maternity

"Nine Months, You're Out"

Searching for funny plus size maternity T-shirts? Here’s a baseball-themed one for sporty moms-to-be. (It’s also available in straight sizes.)

Buy it: Motherhood Maternity Nine Months You’re Out Maternity Tee, $25, Motherhood.com

Photo: Courtesy FAMS Design

"Oops… I Did It Again"

Consider yourself a big Britney Spears fan? We’ve found the pregnancy top for you. Add this tee to the list of funny maternity shirts for second-time (or third-time, or fourth-time…) moms.

Buy it: FAMS Design Oops I Did It Again Funny Pregnancy Shirt, $22, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Motherhood Maternity

"Touch Down, Baby"

When it comes to sports-inspired funny pregnancy shirts, the references don’t stop at baseball. Wear this funny maternity shirt to your next football game (or on the couch watching your favorite team remotely).

Buy it: Motherhood Maternity Ruched Football Graphic Tee Shirt, starting from $30, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Simple Charm Studio

"Sun's Out, Bump's Out"

Funny maternity T-shirts come in seasonal styles too. This cheeky, cheerful top is ideal for summertime, but also works for a warm-weather getaway (a babymoon, perhaps?).

Buy it: Simple Charm Studio Maternity Shirt, $20, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy ASOS


Keep it silly but simple in this funny maternity shirt.

Buy it: ASOS Maternity Preggers Slogan Tee, $23, ASOS.com

Photo: Courtesy Ingrid & Isabel


Some funny pregnancy shirts are extra-creative. This tee isn’t just for giggles though. For every top purchased, the brand donates a nursing bra to the Homeless Prenatal Program. That’s what we call a win-win.

Buy it: Ingrid & Isabel Lactivist T-Shirt, $34, IngridandIsabel.com

Photo: Courtesy Crazy Dog T Shirts

"Santa's Got Nothing on This Belly"

Shopping for funny Christmas maternity shirts? Try this belly-boasting tee on for size.

Buy it: Crazy Dog T Shirts Maternity Santa’s Got Nothing on This Belly Pregnancy T-Shirt, starting from $17, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Simple Charm Studio

"This Is My Last One, Seriously"

This funny pregnancy shirt is even funnier if everyone knows you’re bluffing.

Buy it: Simple Charm Studio This Is My Last One Funny Pregnancy Shirt, $20, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Motherhood Maternity

"Designated Driver"

Buh-bye wine nights, hello driving duty. At least you can get buzzed on laughter!

Buy it: Motherhood Maternity Designated Driver Short Sleeve Maternity Graphic Tee, $25, Motherhood.com

Photo: Courtesy Produce

Produce Graphic

These funny maternity shirts don’t have words, but their graphics says it all: They take the classic “your baby is the size of a [insert fruit or vegetable here]” comparisons to a whole new, playful level.

Buy it: Produce Second Semester Artichoke Maternity Tee, $35, Nordstrom.com

Photo: Courtesy DUTUT

"Eating Tacos for Two"

As if you needed an excuse to eat more tacos. Want to stock up on cheap funny maternity shirts? This one is under $20.

Buy it: DUTUT Eating Tacos for Two Maternity T-Shirt, $12, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Motherhood Maternity

"You're Kickin' Me, Smalls"

Funny maternity shirts are only worthwhile if people get the joke. Luckily, this phrase is a riff off an ultra-popular (read: easily recognizable) quote from the movie The Sandlot. Bonus: It’s sold in plus sizes.

Buy it: Motherhood Maternity You’re Kickin’ Me Smalls Maternity Tee, $25, Motherhood.com

Photo: Courtesy Simple Charm Studio

"Pumpkin Smuggler"

There are funny pregnancy T-shirts for any holiday, including funny Halloween maternity shirts. This one pokes fun at your pumpkin-sized bump.

Buy it: Simple Charm Studio Pregnancy Halloween Shirt, starting from $20, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Crazy Dog T Shirts

"Bun in the Oven"

Many funny maternity shirts double as funny pregnancy announcement shirts. This one broadcasts the fact that you’ve got a bun in the oven.

Buy it: Crazy Dog T Shirts Maternity Bun in the Oven Funny Pregnancy Announcement Tee, starting from $10, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Punch Drunk Design Co.

"If You Didn't Put It There, Don't Touch It"

So sick of people touching your belly without permission? Funny maternity T-shirts like this one might be the perfect solution.

Buy it: Punch Drunk Design Co. Funny Maternity Shirt, $23, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy Motherhood Maternity

"Kick Me Baby One More Time"

Anyone who loves a good throwback will get a “kick” out of this funny maternity shirt. (Who knew so many Britney Spears lyrics were pregnancy puns in the making?)

Buy it: Motherhood Maternity Kick Me Baby One More Time Maternity Graphic Tee, $25, Motherhood.com

Photo: Courtesy Bitty & Boho

"Pregnant AF"

You know you’re showing—a lot. Now when people ask how far along you are, your funny maternity shirt can answer for you.

Buy it: Bitty & Boho Pregnant AF Funny Maternity Shirt, $25, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy ASOS

"Preggosaurus (Rawr)"

We like this funny pregnancy shirt for the cute dinosaur graphic. But we also like the “rawr” that acknowledges your—let’s say strong—hormone-driven emotions.

Buy it: ASOS Maternity Preggosaurus Slogan Tee, $23, ASOS.com

Photo: Courtesy Threadly Shop

"Pregnant as a Motha'"

What can we say? We appreciate a good pun.

Buy it: Threadly Shop Pregnant as a Motha’ Funny Pregnancy T-Shirt, $24, Etsy.com

Photo: Courtesy CafePress

"I Think I Might Be Pregnant"

This funny maternity shirt is best for the third trimester, when there’s no doubt you’re expecting. Everyone will have a laugh.

Buy it: CafePress Think I’m Pregnant Maternity T-Shirt, starting from $27, CafePress.com

Photo: Courtesy Awkward Styles

"Are We There Yet?"

How perfect is this funny pregnancy shirt for those final days leading up to your due date? (We know how ready you’ll be for the end of this ride!)

Buy it: Awkward Styles Are We There Yet Maternity T-Shirt, starting from $24, Amazon.com

Photo: Courtesy Cozy Gal

"Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds"

Watermelon eaters, beware! Play up the silly myth that the fruit will grow in your stomach if you swallow a seed.

Buy it: Cozy Gal Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds Funny Maternity T-Shirt, starting from $15, Etsy.com

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Updated February 2019

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