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Pregnant woman coyly smiling and wearing t-shirt that says I think I might be pregnant.
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Kylie McConville

6 Hilarious Maternity T-Shirts

Okay, so maybe these snarky and silly pregnancy tees don’t make a style statement, but they’re worth a good laugh.

“I create people. What is your Superpower?”

Employee, daughter, sister, friend, cousin, wife… and now, mama-to-be. Don’t you sometimes feel like your latest role is pretty amazing? If you want to share your new superpower with the world, just wear this shirt. They’ll get the message. $30, Zazzle.com



“I think I might be pregnant.”

This one’s best for the third trimester, when there’s no doubt you’re expecting. Everyone will have a laugh. $38, Cafepress.com




“Are we there yet?”

How perfect is this shirt for those final days leading up to your due date? You’ll feel so ready for the end of this ride! $30, DestinationMaternity.com  



“No, we plan to keep going ‘til we get an ugly one!”

This one’s for all you second- and third-time (or more) mamas. Aren’t you tired of people asking you whether or not you’re done having babies? $25, Dirtees.com



“Can I feel your belly first?”

Let friends, family and strangers know once and for all how you really feel about bump-touching with this tee. $35, Cafepress.com




“Yes, actually I did swallow a watermelon.”

Does it seem like everyone has something to say about how big you’ve gotten? Wearing this tee around just might keep those rude weight comments away. $31, Cafepress.com

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