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11 Couples, 11 Babymoons, 11 Reasons To Book One Now

We talked to happy couples who took a babymoon and discovered the tricks, tips and destinations that made their getaway great.

If there’s one thing you should do before Birth Day, it’s sleep! But if there’s a second thing to add to your must-do list, it’s taking a trip with your partner to get away from it all—a babymoon, if you will. After all, it’ll only be the two of you for a few more moments, and you’ll want to cement some precious memories before baby swoops in and steals away the romance (at least for a little while).

Some couples go big when it comes to the babymoon, crossing a major trip off their bucket list. Others stick to tried-and-true or close to home, because packing up a pregnant belly can be daunting for sure. Whether you’re all about the jet set or want to indulge in the ultimate not-to-far-away weekend getaway, we’ve got some inspiration for you. These 11 couples shared their best babymoon tricks and tips to help you plot your escape.

The couple: Matthew and Amanda

The destination: Charleston, South Carolina (in winter)

The timing: 24 weeks pregnant

The trip:"With baby #3 on the way, we knew we needed a weekend to rest and relax. We chose Charleston for the perfect mix of food, culture, beaches and warmth in February. It was absolutely perfect! Our weekend was filled with grits, plantation walks, carriage rides and relaxing on the beach."

The tip:"Make sure to pack the things that will make you comfortable. I packed my support belt so I could walk without discomfort and my maternity pillow so I could sleep soundly."

The couple: Scott and Wendy

The destination: Ibiza (in spring)

The timing: 31 weeks pregnant

The trip: “We chose Portinatx in the North of Ibiza for our weekend babymoon. The beautiful scenery and tranquil beaches gave us the perfect place to connect with one another and take some time out from the stresses at home. I honestly felt relaxed and happy and ready for the new addition to our family. Even a short break can make a difference!”

The tip: “Choose a destination where everything is on your doorstep to make the most of leisurely strolls for dinner or ice cream, or to feel the sand between your toes. And don’t forget high factor sun screen! That belly is a whole lot closer to the sun than it used to be!”

The couple: Justin and Carla

The destination: London, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome (in spring)

The timing: 20 weeks pregnant

The trip: “It was all very surreal, seeing yourself in all the places you’ve only seen in pictures, TV or daydreams. My favorite was Venice!”

The tip: “I would recommend bringing comfy shoes and packing light. Just bring a carry-on if possible. Europe is a lot of walking and everything has stairs. Trying to walk with big luggage when traveling from country to country can be difficult. Also: take it easy! You’re growing a baby!”

The couple: Leah and Dustin

The destination: Galveston Island, Texas (in summer)

The timing: 30 weeks pregnant

The trip: “Beautiful Galveston Island is just an hour’s drive from where we live in Houston. It was perfect. We stayed in a gorgeous beach house and enjoyed having breakfast at ‘home’ and just spending time together in the mornings. During the day, we explored the island’s attractions, including shopping in the historic downtown, and having a date at the amusement park. We didn’t ride the rides but had fun playing games. We enjoyed a spa day, and I booked a prenatal ‘mommy-to-be’ massage. We enjoyed dining throughout the island, but the best part was being able to retreat to our beach house for sunset walks along the beach.”

The tip: “Choose a destination close to home—either a quick drive or quick flight—and easily walkable, with plenty of food options. You want to get out and explore but not tire yourself out. I got quite hungry while we were exploring and it was nice have places to stop and grab a bite.

The couple: Christine and Brian

The destination: Maui, Hawaii (in spring)

The timing: 28 weeks pregnant

The trip: “I really wanted to travel in my second trimester but it didn’t work out that way. I was a little hotter than normal and a bit more tired, but I made the most of it on our trip by getting in the water all the time and taking naps whenever I felt like it. I’m not kidding: My second day in Maui, I slept for 12 hours. I paced myself with activities and had an incredible time. I’m all about relaxing and I love adventure, and I think I gave myself a really happy medium with this trip.”

The tip: “It’s your last vacation before baby arrives, so do what you want to do. If you want to nap for seven days straight, go for it. If you want to see everything and do everything, plan it out and do it! And if you’re traveling far, make sure you’re comfy. Take frequent stops (hello, bladder!), stretch, get up and move, and if you’re on an airplane, pick a seat near the bathroom. Bring a pillow for your back.”

The couple: Kaitlyn and Zack

The destination: Amsterdam, Athens, Santorini, Nafplio, and Paris (in summer)

The timing: 17 weeks pregnant

The trip: “I had never thought of having an international babymoon until my boss suggested I come photograph her wedding in Greece. At 17 weeks, I was finally out of my sluggish first trimester, and the thought of exploring someplace new excited me. The babymoon made me feel like a new person. The stress and anxiety melted away and I was able to enjoy being pregnant. Experiencing all those new things being pregnant added a new layer of excitement. She would kick at the new foods I tried, do somersaults as I swam in the Aegean Sea, give me flutters as I stood beneath the Eiffel Tower. And our babymoon had a huge impact on our marriage. Having a baby is such a big life change that consumes your thoughts, but while on our babymoon, we were able to stop and enjoy this experience together.”

The tip: “Go a little early in your pregnancy. It was important to me to comfortably fly, walk and sleep. The second trimester was perfect because of my belly size and the sickness had finally passed. And take a lot of photos. I look back on our photos and it brings back all of the amazing emotions.”

The couple: Dileiny and Todd

The destination: Los Angeles, California (in spring)

The timing: 20 weeks pregnant

The trip: “The entire trip was planned around my pregnancy; we rented a car so anything was accessible. We picked a place based on the weather, and food options were also a factor. LA was awesome because of all the organic and healthy food choices. We wanted to make sure there were plenty of healthy options, but if I had a sweet craving, I could easily satisfy that too.”

The tip: “Pack your most comfortable clothes and walking shoes!”

The couple: Victoria and Ian

The destination: Seacrest Beach, Florida (in fall)

The timing: 28 weeks pregnant

The trip: “We decided to go to the beach for our babymoon, because we both knew that the next few months of our lives were going to be so hectic that we needed to slow down a bit. We splurged on nicer restaurants and stayed up way past our normal bedtime. There were lots of cute shops, restaurants and places to go have a cup of coffee together.”

The tip: “Soak up every single minute you can with each other, because I had no idea how hard it would be to get that time after the baby. And make sure to splurge on yourself a little. It will be harder to do those things after. Go to the spa, dine at nice restaurants and stay out way too late with the one you love.”

The couple: Morgan and Jesse

The destination: New York City (in summer)

The timing: 24 weeks pregnant

The trip: “Both of us once lived in the city but we hadn’t been there at the same time, so it was really sweet to experience everything together, as well as do new things neither of us had tried. We had a list of things we wanted to do but didn’t make a set schedule. So we’d look at our list and decide what to do for that day.”

The tip: “Stay hydrated! It’s always a struggle for me to stay hydrated while traveling because I think, ‘What if I have to pee and can’t find a bathroom?’ But it’s so important, especially when you’re pregnant.”

The couple: Shaneen and Trevor

The destination: Phoenix, Arizona (in spring)

The timing: 32 weeks pregnant

The trip: “Arizona was perfect in April. It would be in the 50s and 60s when we went for breakfast and dinners, making it perfect to dine alfresco. With a ton of outdoor activities to enjoy, we stayed busy and also made sure to sneak in some pool time.”

The tip: Aim for a short, direct flight and guaranteed warm weather. And check your destination’s weather calendar for your time frame! “Although the heat [in Arizona] can be unbearable at certain times of year, it was perfect in April.”

The Couple: Jessie and Chris

The destination: Palm Springs, California (in spring)

The timing: 33 weeks pregnant

The trip: “For our first babymoon, my husband and I spent a leisurely week in Cabo, Mexico. For our second, it was harder to get away because I had been traveling for work and because we had a toddler at home. But I think babymoons are a must—even if they’re just for a night or two. We headed to Palm Springs for a long weekend and stayed at Sparrows Lodge, an adults-only hotel with all the small luxuries you could need. I was two months from my due date and already pretty uncomfortable, so lying by or in the pool was such a treat. One morning, we borrowed bikes and took the bump exploring.”

The tip: “DO IT. Take the babymoon around your sixth month—you’re far enough into it to really need a break, but not too close to the due date to worry about traveling away from home. And you want to document your cute bump, right? Also, choose somewhere that offers a mix of opportunities to relax and get out and explore—two things that might be equally hard to do in a few months with a new baby.”

Published September 2017

PHOTO: Nick Karvounis