8 Tips for How to Not Ruin Your Babymoon

Because you deserve an awesome vacation.
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By Emily Platt, Associate Editor
Updated April 26, 2019
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You’ve decided to commemorate your pregnancy with a babymoon—now, it’s time to plan the extra-special trip. As you can imagine, traveling when you’re expecting comes with its own set of quirks and considerations. You already know you want to get away and have the time of your life, but there are some things you definitely don’t want to do. Here, some key things to avoid as you embark on your babymoon, so you look back on this memorable time with zero regret.

1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

One of the biggest things most babymooners agree on? Scheduling your vacation during the second trimester. Known as the pregnancy “honeymoon period,” it’s the ideal sweet spot: By then, you’ll (hopefully) have overcome any morning sickness and be enjoying loads more energy, but won’t yet be experiencing the discomforts and fatigue of late pregnancy. If you’re looking at a third trimester babymoon, definitely read the next tip.

2. Don’t Forget to Check Restrictions

Believe it or not, when (and where) you go isn’t entirely up to you. Some airlines actually restrict pregnant women from flying after a certain point (week 36 is usually the cutoff). The same goes for cruise lines and sailing. No matter what’s on your itinerary, do your research and call ahead if you have any questions. You’ll also want to look into pregnancy travel insurance, as many regular travel insurance policies won’t cover things like medical expenses and trip cancellations caused by pregnancy complications. Besides looking into these pregnancy policies, make sure to clear any travel plans with your doctor, since together, you’ll know your individual circumstances better than anyone. Lastly, remember that not all destinations are safe for pregnant women, due to health hazards like the Zika virus and COVID-19. Your doctor can help you determine whether a locale is pregnancy-friendly.

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3. Don’t Be Overly Regimented

As you’re planning your babymoon, avoid overscheduling. How you feel might change from day to day or even minute to minute. Booking an experience you ultimately aren’t in the mood for will feel so frustrating, especially if you have to pay any last-minute cancellation fees. Instead, many babymooners found that less was more on their vacays. Yes, when baby arrives you may have to put some adventures on hold, and now might feel like the time to carpe diem. But you’ll also have fewer hours to just sit back and relax. Find a balance that works for you, and when it comes to scheduling ahead, maybe hold off a bit. You can always add something to your agenda once you arrive at your destination.

4. Don’t Forget to Pack for Pregnancy

Before your pregnancy days, you might have tossed a bathing suit and some flip flops into your tropical getaway bag and called it a day—but packing for a babymoon calls for a little more thought. After all, your safety and comfort are top priority! On our recommended packing list are snacks, a water bottle, compression socks, layers and shoes that won’t hurt your feet. See what else topped out our complete packing checklist for traveling while pregnant.

5. Don’t Forget to Document It

Even if you think you’ve planned an unforgettable babymoon, there’s nothing quite like photographs to help you record (and later reminisce about) your travels. You’ve got a million things running through your mind as you prepare for baby—and did you know stress might negatively impact memory? Taking pictures can help you preserve all the meaningful moments from your trip. Not only that, but you’ll love showing baby the snapshots of your first vacation together when they’re older!

6. Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Your Tech

Of course, taking lots of photos comes with a caveat: You don’t want to be totally glued to your camera or phone on your babymoon. In fact, that could distract from the moments you’re trying to remember! Instead, put down your devices whenever possible. One awesome way to make that happen and still score amazing snapshots? Hire a vacation photographer to document your travels. We like Flytographer, a service that connects clients with professionals in hundreds of destinations worldwide. With the help of the company’s concierge service, you can plan a gorgeous photo session for the length of your choosing (from 30 minutes to two hours). Plus, chances are, the images will be a million times better than the ones you ask fellow tourists to take for you. Heck, why not have it double as your maternity shoot?

7. Don’t Miss Out on Alone Time

It’s easy to get caught up in group tours and the like, but try to schedule in some quality one-on-one time for you and your partner during your babymoon. Your world is about to completely change, and while parenthood is a beautiful thing, so is this unique period in your life. Now’s the time to really bond, appreciate the present and get hyped up about the future together. Consider it the calm before the storm that you’ll want to fully soak up.

8. Don’t Worry About Being Selfish

This is your babymoon, so set yourself up for success—even if that means being a little selfish. Need to take a break from walking or a long afternoon nap to recharge? Don’t deny those urges. Accept your body where it’s at instead of considering it a burden. What does that look like? Laughing off the neverending pee breaks, indulging your random cravings and engaging in other forms of self care. You deserve it.

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