Woman Tracked Baby's Week-by-Week Growth Using Taco Bell Menu Items

Woman Hilariously Tracked Baby's Week-by-Week Growth Using Taco Bell Menu Items

We need to taco 'bout the way this mom tracked baby's week-by-week growth.
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September 6, 2018
mom illustrates pregnancy week by week with taco bell menu items
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Before baby makes her big debut, she’ll transform in size from a poppy seed to a coconut and eventually a watermelon. Week-by-week trackers are a fun way to grasp baby’s growth inside the womb.

Kelsey McKain decided to put a whole new spin on the weekly breakdown, and turned to her favorite fast food chain to help her get the job done.

“How will we describe our weekly baby growth? By tacos, what else?! Each week we’ll tell you how big our baby is by comparing it to delicious Taco Bell menu items,” she explained in a Facebook post earlier this year.

The first post featured McKain at 13 weeks pregnant, where she compared baby to the size of a Taco Bell hot sauce packet. Throughout the weeks, the soon-to-be mom used Taco Bell’s Cheesy Rollup, Chipotle Chicken Grillers, Nachos BellGrande, Fiesta Taco Bowl, and other food items as hilarious comparisons.

Needless to say, the Kentucky resident got super creative. Below are just a few of our favorite Taco Bell-inspired snapshots.

At 38 weeks, McKain’s last week-by-week picture, baby was the size of a Mexican pizza, two tacos, and a large drink. Yep, that sounds about right.

Days after McKain posted at 38 weeks, she revealed exciting news—her baby arrived! Looking healthy (and certainly nothing like a Taco Bell menu item!), the new mom shared her daughter, Leonora Ree McKain, is “great, sleeping like a champ and is already super good at being adorable.”

Little does Leonora know, she’s already internet famous! While McKain’s week-by-week tracker added a fun twist to a pregnancy staple, for an accurate idea of baby’s growth from week one until the very end, check out our pregnancy week-by-week breakdown.

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