Baby Got Back: Baby Dances to ‘I Like Big Butts’ From Inside the Womb

Somebody’s a fan of Sir Mix-A-Lot.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Published August 23, 2019
woman touches her pregnant belly
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You’ve probably heard that playing classical music, like Beethoven or Bach, while you’re pregnant may help increase baby’s intelligence. The truth is, there’s no scientific evidence to support that, but what we do know is that babies can probably hear music (and other sounds) when they’re in utero. So why not broaden their horizons with an eclectic playlist, right?

That’s what Danielle Guenther figured. The photographer and mom to her son, Lochlan, is currently pregnant with her second child. She’s due next month, but was put on bed rest recently, according to an Instagram post. Until the baby is ready to make their debut, the mom is providing her child with only the finest musical scores from this generation. Top on the playlist? “Baby Got Back” by ‘90s one-hit wonder Sir Mix-A-Lot.

By the looks of her Instagram video, her baby is definitely a fan.

In the hilarious clip, Guenther shares a bird’s-eye view of her bump. She starts the video seconds before the infamous chorus begins, and the moment the song breaks out with the words “I like big butts, and I cannot lie,” baby seemingly loses their cool from inside the womb. The mom’s bump instantly bursts with her child’s movement, which just so happens to match the beat of the song.

“Apparently, baby got back. What else ya gonna play to your unborn child,” Guenther jokes. “He’s digging it.”

The silly video was an instant hit, and inspired other moms to reminisce on the random songs their children loved to hear from inside the womb during their pregnancies.

“My baby girl would dance in my belly to Rob Thomas ‘Lonely No More.’ She loved it,” one woman writes.

Another was quick to share that her daughter, Summer, was also pretty partial to “Baby Got Back.” “That’s totally Summer. She was born almost two years ago and is completely wild. Good luck,” she jokes.

Whether it’s Bach or “Baby Got Back,” there’s no denying that your child probably hears what’s going on from inside your womb. Listen to the music you enjoy, because if it’s at all beneficial to your baby, it’s probably because it helps mama relax. “If a mom plays music that she likes, it relaxes her and decreases the stress she’s feeling,” says Kelly Kasper, MD, ob-gyn and associate clinical professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine. “And that can have positive effects for the baby.”

Another way to connect with baby before they’re born is to talk to them in utero. Sure, chatting up your own belly may make you feel a little silly at first. You could always try reading a children’s book (or the newspaper. Baby won’t know the difference.), or even sing your favorite song.

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