Expectant Moms Are Here for McDonald’s New McPickle Burger

There's just one problem...
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Published April 1, 2019
mcdonalds launches mcpickle burger as an april's fools joke.
Image: Courtesy McDonald's

Pickles on pickles on pickles. That’s what customers will get when they bite into McDonald’s juicy new McPickle Burger. The treat is made with flavorsome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce and toasted sesame seed buns. Are you drooling yet?

There’s just one problem…It isn’t real.

McDonald’s Australia pulled a major “gotcha!” over thousands of foodies with its April Fools’ Day joke this year. After posting a savory video of its McPickle concoction, it later commented, “available until yesterday." Well played, McDonald’s, well played.

Real or not, pickle fanatics used it as an opportunity to let Mickey D’s know they’d be all over this menu item in real life.

“Being nine months pregnant, I would have eaten nothing but this until the baby arrives,” writes one expectant mom.

“You have disappointed so many pickle lovers, including me. Pretty please put it on the menu,” a user pleads. “It will save asking for extra, extra, extra pickles on our burger!”

“You joke, but I would eat this. It would probably become my favorite thing on your menu,” says another.

And one McDonald’s fan made a very solid point: “It’s a brilliant test market. So much outrage, I bet they add it to the ‘secret’ menu.”

Could a McPickle Burger be coming to a McDonald’s near you? Only time will tell. Until then, satisfy your cravings with mouth-watering pickle pizza instead.

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