Hilarious Real Pregnancy Stories: 'I Threw Up Because...'

Take it from these moms-to-be: Nausea can strike for any reason, at any time—even mid-stride.
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June 12, 2018
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Whoever came up with the term “morning sickness” seriously underestimated how many times throughout the day pregnant women can feel nauseated—and the bajillion little things that can set off that gag reflex. What do you do if you find yourself suddenly super-sensitive to certain tastes and smells (or practically everything)? You can seek out relief or blame your hormone changes—but the best remedy is commiserating with others who are in the same (rocking, vomit-inducing) boat.

So when pregnant Reddit user TaylorT21 posted a thread called “Today I threw up…”, lots of moms-to-be quickly joined in to post their weirdest (and funniest) reasons for getting queasy. Here are some of the highlights:

“Because of the way the toothpaste oozed out of the tube.” — TaylorT21

“The thought of chicken made me throw up at my office desk today. Annnnd, I’m about to again.” — carbordeath  (She then posted a followup comment: “Update: Nope, just a dry heave. I’ll count that a win.”)

“I read the word ‘raisins’ last week and threw up.” — bronzeandblush

“This weekend I threw up because I waited too long to spit while brushing my teeth. It’s the second time it’s happened. I had to clean it off the wall. Then I cried because I’m an adult and really thought I had my sh*t together better than that.” — EveryOtherTime

“I was walking down the hallway, felt fine, and threw up mid stride. I don’t even know why. I also have a spot off the side of my porch that I have puked off of three times now. I am thankful for tile floors and rain.” — rosathesquirrel

“Yesterday I threw up so hard I gave myself a bloody nose, which then made me throw up again. I am so over 1st trimester!” — ThompRose

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“My bff texted me to let me know she was eating frosting straight from the container, she thought I’d be proud. I vomited almost immediately just thinking about it. And I freaking love frosting!” — theaftercath

“I poked a potato and the texture made me throw up.” — uhmv

“The heating pad comforting my aching back made me too hot and queasy.” — Twenty3isNumberOne

“Strangely enough every time I thought ‘Wow, I’ve gone x amount of days without puking!’ was the day I threw up again.” — potatochippy91

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