This Is How Much Your Baby-to-be Weighs in Big Macs

Don’t lie—you want to know.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Updated April 17, 2019
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A blueberry, a banana and even a watermelon—there’s a food to capture baby’s week-by-week growth at every stage of pregnancy. And now, there’s a silly way to add to the food-comparing obsession that lets moms-to-be discover how much their baby weighs in McDonald’s Big Macs.

Kevin Pang wrote a recent blog post for The Takeout, where he gave a shout out to the funny pregnancy tool. It’s simple to use and hilarious to see the results. All you do is input how many weeks along you are in your pregnancy, and the website will tell you about how much your baby weighs in Big Macs. It may come as a surprise, but up until you’re 19 weeks along, baby weighs less than one Big Mac, according to the calculator. It’s a far cry from when you’re 35 weeks pregnant and baby totals the weight of 11 of the burgers. And because every pregnancy is different, there’s also an option to put in the exact weight of baby inside of you to determine the number of Macs more tailored to your tiny tot-to-be.

Week-by-week trackers are a fun way to keep tabs on baby’s growth inside the womb. Just how accurate the Big Mac calculator is we can’t say, but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun! In the spirit of silliness, one mom-to-be put her own spin on the timeless tradition, comparing her unborn baby to a different food item on Taco Bell’s menu. How big was baby at 27 weeks? The size of a Taco Bell Nachos BellGrande, but of course.

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