What Life Is Really Like Before and After Baby (in GIFS)

Warning: Your sleep schedule may never be the same.
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August 31, 2018
parents holding baby
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There’s no denying that becoming a parent changes your lifestyle. Think: diaper runs instead of beer runs, late night soothing instead of canoodling, and going from a solid eight hours of sleep at a time, to well, half that, if you’re lucky. But for every tough adjustment, there are easy (and happy!) ones too: waking up early on Saturday mornings to a smiling infant, spending less time on screens and more on the floor for tummy time, and finally having an excuse to revisit the zoos and playgrounds of your childhood. Through it all, you’ll find ways to accommodate baby’s needs without losing track of your own, whether you order in dinner a few nights a week, or find the right new car for your growing family. Ahead, seven things that’ll likely change once baby’s in the picture—but in the best way possible.

1. Your Wake-Up Call

Child-Free Days: Nothing can get you out of bed before 9 a.m.

Baby on Board: You’ll become an early bird (thanks to your new, adorable alarm clock).

2. Your Morning Routine

Child-Free Days: You have plenty of time for pampering (and documenting it too).

Baby on Board: Some days, just brushing your teeth counts as a beauty routine.

3. Your Weekend Plans

Child-Free Days: Friday nights are all about showing off your best moves.

Baby on Board: Your dancing skills will be responsible for baby’s first giggles.

4. Your Shopping List

Child-Free Days: You can’t wait for the fall fashion lines to come out.

Baby on Board: You’ll count down the days until the latest and greatest stroller launch.

5. Your Mealtimes

Child-Free Days: Dinner is a civilized, sit-down affair.

Baby on Board: Some days, dinner is whatever requires the least amount of cooking—and is preferably something you can eat one-handed.

6. Your Social Calendar

Child-Free Days: You live for a good group hang.

Baby on Board: Sometimes a little me-time will be just what you need.

7. Your Car

Child-Free Days: Your car is your happy place.

Baby on Board: Some things never change—there are just more passengers.

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