Not Crazy, Just Pregnant: 16 Funny Reasons Women Cried

God forbid you stir the boiling ravioli too fast.
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November 16, 2017
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You knew you’d have some emotional moments when this whole pregnancy thing began, and we’re not discrediting the severity of those hormone-induced meltdowns. But in retrospect, they’re kind of funny, right? Here, women (and their partners) own up to the silliest reasons they got emotional during pregnancy.

1. Canned Ravioli Must Remain Intact

“Wife was craving Chef Boyardee ravioli. I was cooking it on the stove, haphazardly watching it, when I glance over and it’s at a hard boil. I grab it, pull it off the heat and start vigorously stirring so nothing burns to the bottom. Wife walks in…‘YOU’RE STIRRING IT TOO FAST! THEY’RE GOING TO BREAK APART!’ She left the room bawling.”

2. Those Heartthrob Property Brothers

“Today I cried because I was watching Property Brothers and they did the reveal.”

3. Pickles Are Non-Negotiable

“Wife wanted McDonald’s pickles. Not Vlasic, not DelMonte, not even Burger King but friggin MCDONALD’S pickles. So I went to the McD’s down the street and asked to buy like a pound of pickles. Girl said they can’t sell just the pickles, so I said, ‘give me 100 hamburgers, extra extra pickles, hold the everything.’ She went and got the manager. I told him the wife is pregnant and I can’t go back without McDonald’s pickles. He went in the back, came out with an unopened tub of pickles and says, ‘Congratulations. On the house.’ Best McD’s experience ever.”

4. Uncovering Nutrition Facts

“I cried yesterday when I was looking up calorie counts for Chik-fil-A.”

5. Innocent Animals

“I ran over a snake in the road. I ugly cried for two hours thinking about his snake family waiting for him to come home and him never showing up. Those poor snake babies. My husband was just like, ‘what?’ Which made the snot bubbles intensify.”

6. Disney Channel Is Life-Affirming

Rescuers Down Under came on the Disney Channel and I started watching it—and crying. My husband walked into the room and I wail, ‘I love you so much!’ He backed out of the room slowly and shut the door.”

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7. You Can Do It Yourself!

“My boyfriend wanted to make the macaroni and cheese. I accused him of thinking I was incompetent and too stupid to make it myself. I threw a fork at him and went upstairs and cried.”

8. Shonda Rhimes Did It Again

“I cried today because I decided I was tough enough to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Boy, was I wrong.”

9. Technology Is Hard

“My wife had just started an online class and had to make a Twitter account. Just a few moments later I hear her bawling, so I go investigate. I ask her what’s wrong and she (crying the whole time) says in the saddest way, ‘I don’t know how to work Twitter!’”

10. Life Is Hard

“I would have been about 20ish weeks pregnant at the time: I cried—hardcore cried—because the lunchbox I needed to fill before heading to work was on top of the fridge. I’m not short at all. I could reach it easily. But for some reason I cried so hard. I was 30 minutes late to work that day.”

11. Chicken Isn’t On the Menu

“I cried because the fiesta lime chicken wasn’t on the 2 for $20 menu at Applebee’s. (It was still available full price.) The server was a saint and made it work.”

12. Who Ate the Last One?

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, I really wanted a banana. I went to grab one, but someone had eaten the last one and not said anything. This made me cry. I then cried more because I was crying over a banana.”

13. Pure Exhaustion

“I cried because I sneezed and it took all the energy I had left.”

14. When Dreams Don’t Come True

“I stopped watching Shark Tank while I was pregnant because I would cry when people didn’t get a deal.”

15. The Nursery Must Be Perfect

“I cried because I couldn’t find the right shade of green paint. My poor husband and the shop attendant scrambled around trying to find every possible green paint sample card while I stomped off in tears.”

16. Jealous of Your Sandwich-Making Skills

“I hid my tears last night because my husband went on and on about how fantastic the sandwich our 6-year-old made him was. He never enjoys my sandwiches that much. She even used provolone cheese, which he hates.”

Updated November 2017

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