17 Sweet Photos of Grandparents Meeting Their Newborn Grandchildren

So much love, all captured on camera.
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By Ashlee Neuman, Content Director
Published September 7, 2018

It was love at first sight. Whether they were newly minted grandparents or made a grandma and grandpa four times over, these relatives were overcome with joy at the sight of their grandchildren—and those emotional meetings were all caught on camera. Scroll through these heartwarming photos to witness the moments grandparents first laid eyes on the newest addition to their family.

It’s a Girl

With a big family of boys, these grandparents were delighted to greet their newborn granddaughter. “I can’t believe we finally have a girl…after four sons and three grandsons,” the happy grandpa said. “Look how beautiful she is,” the grandmother gushed.

Sibling Meet-and-Greet

Grandparents aren’t the only ones anxious to meet the new baby. This grandmother brought her daughter, now a big sister, to meet baby Avery for the first time the day after he was born.

Swaddled with Love

There’s nothing quite like cradling a baby in your arms and reveling in their warmth and softness.

Fourth Generation

The father, a marine, was stationed overseas during the birth of his son. In his stead, his grandparents were there to welcome his newborn—and their great-grandson—into this world. “Absolutely nothing could wipe the smiles from their faces,” photographer Casey Hendrickson said. “It was truly the sweetest thing to watch them welcome this new boy into their lives.”

A Labor of Love

This devoted grandmother was in the birthing room throughout her daughter’s labor, waiting on the little one’s arrival. As soon as baby Aspen was born, grandma came rushing in to give her daughter—and granddaughter—an emotional embrace.


Holding their new grandchild, gazing at that little face while offering a pacifier, these grandparents are in heaven.

Pure Joy

There’s no mistaking the elation in this grandmother’s expression as she holds her new grandchild. “She was so genuinely happy and excited!” photographer Kasie Tanner said. “She was making faces and jumping up and down, all the while crying her eyes out. She was the cutest!”

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Early Arrival

Little Theo was born sooner than expected, but in the end it was for the better: He was able to spend that much more time with his grandmother and great-grandmother, who flew all the way from the Netherlands to meet him.

First Look

Immediately after birth, the baby was sent to the nursery—but that wasn’t going to deter the mom from getting photos of her mother’s first look at her grandchild. One by one, family members went to the nursery window to glimpse the newest arrival as the photographer captured their reactions.

Grace Meets Grace

Timing is everything. “There’ve been a handful of times that I’ve had to stop shooting because the tears wouldn’t stop coming. This was one of those times,” photographer Neely Ker-Fox said. “I always tell my clients, baby’s come when the good Lord says it’s time, even if that time is decided for you. Had Grace been born three days later on her originally scheduled c-section date, this moment would not have happened. Her namesake just so happened to have an appointment in the same hospital and was able to come meet her newest great-grandbaby.”

A Sucker for Snuggles

She may not have been a first-time grandmother, but she still traveled across states to meet her newest grandchild and snuggle that beautiful baby.

Have Granddaughter, Will Travel

Nothing was going to keep this grandma from meeting her first grandchild, no matter the distance she had to travel.

Grandfathering Lessons

This newborn had a big welcome party waiting, including a very special guest. “There were so many people in the room. The entire family piled in after mama gave birth and I looked over through the spaces between people to see great-papa ‘being taught’ how to hold his first grandbaby,” photographer Kasie Tanner said. “Everybody settled down in the room and cried with him. Me too! So sweet!”

Smiles All Around

This grandmother got to meet her new grandson when he was just five hours old. “Grandma went over for a peek and couldn’t contain her excitement,” photographer Nikki Tumanguil said. “Some tears flowed, and she gave her son-in-law a huge hug and thanked both her daughter and son-in-law for making her a grandmother. She gingerly accepted her grandson from Mom and more happy tears flowed, with smiles all around. Grandma only gave baby up when he was hungry again.”

Four Generations of Women

It was a room full of celebration, as four generations gathered to welcome the newest member of their family. Newborn baby girl was greeted by her mom, two grandmothers and great-grandmother.

Full of Gratitude

“This grateful grandmother held her son’s first child while her son was deployed overseas in the Middle East. He watched via live video conference as his son was born,” photographer Paulina Splechta said.

Welcome to the Family

This grandmother flew all the way from Colombia to meet her fourth granddaughter—and brought her other two granddaughters to welcome the newest family addition.

Published September 2018

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