15 Ways to Deal With a Fussy Baby

When baby is screaming nonstop, frustration doesn’t even begin to describe it. Get some mom-approved advice for how to stop those cries.
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ByCaitlin Brody
May 2017
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“Pass her off to DH!” — diamondz*4

“You know how Jersey Shore has GTL (gym, tan, laundry)? We have our own three-step process: BLW. It stands for bath, lavender lotion and a warm bottle.” — co*ca*cola

“A little infant massage after a bath helps my LO sleep for hours.” — minitiger

“I give her my boob. And if that doesn’t work, well…I’m screwed!” — gleekfanatic12

“Turn on a fan while rocking baby. The white noise will help her relax.” — harajuku*lovr781

“A friend of mine used to sit on a yoga ball and bounce while holding baby. It always did the trick for her baby.” — pilate_mommy*

“Take a slow drive around the block. Most babies fall asleep while riding in a car!” — 34chitown

“Walk around the house with her in a swaddle while playing some slow, soft music.” — may_mama92

“We call it the ‘Pammy Wham’ — lie baby on his tummy across your knees. Pat his bottom and bounce your knees a bit. It works wonders for a colicky baby.” — floydbeachroad414

“Swaddling definitely does the trick. But be warned: Baby better be fed, changed and clean!” — dancrinthedrk

“Sing the same song over and over again. Sure, songs on repeat might seem annoying, but anything’s better than baby screaming nonstop.” — broomegreene56

“We often forget that it’s actually okay to let baby cry it out. I’m not opposed to snuggle sessions either, though.” —_ nickiq22_

“Patience, patience, patience.” — flwr*pwr

“Drink whiskey! Well, that’s a joke, but you should take time for yourself whenever you can. And always remember that the fussiness will end at some point. After all, it has to!” — cqm4291

“Nurse baby and try to put him to sleep. Definitely easier said than done.” — 818matsgirl818

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