The Best Matching Shirts for Your Next Family Vacation

Stick together in style with coordinating family tees. Bonus: They might even help prevent your littles from getting lost in a crowd!
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By Emily Platt, Associate Editor
Updated August 6, 2020
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You’ve planned the perfect family vacation (or as close to perfect as getaways with children can be) and now it’s time to prepare. Before you depart, we highly recommend buying matching family shirts! Why? Well, first and foremost, they’re just plain fun—especially with all the cute, funny and sentimental options on the market. Speaking of sentimental, you’ll love holding onto the tops for memory’s sake post-vacay. Not to mention reminiscing over the adorable photos you take in them! Plus, family vacation shirts are also a genius parenting hack that helps prevent losing anyone. If everyone’s dressed in coordinating tees, you and your kids will have an easier time sticking with, spotting or describing the group. Ready to shop our favorite family shirt ideas? We’ve found tees for any kind of trip, from awesome Disney family shirts to adorable family cruise shirts. There are even tops for smaller getaways too.

Image: Courtesy Littles and Company

Littles and Company Disney Family Shirts

Shopping for matching family Disney shirts? These sporty logo tees are perfect for your theme park vacay, whether you’re visiting Walt Disney World, Disneyland or opting into another Disney experience (we know there are tons). Get them customized with the year of your trip for sweet mementos.

Buy it: Starting from $12 each,

Image: Courtesy Clutch City Apparel

Clutch City Apparel Squad Goals Disney Family Matching T-Shirts

Need more inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of Disney family shirt ideas where that came from. How about these “squad goals” tees with Disney characters printed on them? The Disney family shirts come in adult and kids’ sizes, but bonus: There’s also a baby bodysuit option for the littlest member of your, well, squad.

Buy it: Starting from $17 each,

Image: Courtesy Ashley’s Custom Apparel

Ashley’s Custom Apparel Family Cruise Trip Shirts

When it comes to matching family tees, family cruise shirts are almost as popular as Disney World and Disneyland family shirts. In turn, we’ve included multiple options for cruisin’ crews in this roundup. The first is this funny and adorable “oh ship, it’s a family trip” design. Get it in toddler, youth and adult sizes.

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Buy it: Starting from $20 each,

Image: Courtesy Roko Clothing

Roko Clothing Mommy Daddy Baby Shark Matching Family Shirts

We love these “Baby Shark”-inspired family shirts for a beach vacation. (But really, they’re fine for any vacation if your kid’s one of the many, many children utterly obsessed with the song.) There’s one for every member of your tribe, from “Mommy Shark (doo-doo-doo-doo)” to “Brother Shark (doo-doo-doo-doo).”

Buy it: Starting from $15 each,

Image: Courtesy Kidz N Me Apparel

Kidz N Me Apparel Happy Camper Family Shirts

Going camping? First, get your child a kids’ camping chair to roast s’mores from. Then, buy these matching family tees, which come printed with the words “happy camper,” plus your family’s name and the year of your vacation. We love cute customization. We also like that they come in various colors and infant-through-adult sizes.

Buy it: Starting from $20 each,

Image: Courtesy Favored Ink

Favored Ink Jersey Family Matching T-Shirts

Take these family tees out to the ball game. (Or any sporting event or vacation location for that matter—they’re stylish no matter what.) The matching family shirts (and coordinating baby onesies) are styled like jerseys with custom names and numbers on the back.

Buy it: Starting from $16 each,

Image: Courtesy My Gold Petal

My Gold Petal Mouse Family Vacation T-Shirts

We’re definitely not done with the Disney family shirts yet. These Mickey Mouse family shirts spell out everyone’s title (for example, “dad,” “dad” and “baby”). Each personalized name is also embellished with—you guessed it—mouse ears. There are tons of colors to choose from too.

Buy it: $22 each,

Image: Courtesy Olive Loves Apple

Olive Loves Apple Mama Bear Papa Bear Baby Bear Matching Shirts

These family bear shirts are too-cute for a camping trip or another outdoorsy excursion. Choose from “Mama Bear,” “Papa Bear,” “Little Bear,” “Baby Bear,” “Sister Bear” and “Brother Bear” options, plus a mix of colors. And yep, like many of the picks on this list, there are coordinating onesies available too.

Buy it: Starting from $17 each,

Image: Courtesy Little Mama Shirt Shop

Little Mama Shirt Shop Let’s Travel and Tiny Traveler Matching Vacation Shirts

There are sets of matching family shirts for all group sizes and makeups, whether you’re traveling with the grandparents or a bunch of cousins. This “let’s travel” and “tiny traveler” duo is ideal for a mommy and me vacay.

Buy it: $36 for a set,

Image: Courtesy Funny ArtiShock

Funny ArtiShock Matching Family Shirts

Spread the love with these totally adorable matching family vacation shirts. Choose the appropriate text for each person (like “mama” for Mom and “little sister” for baby) as well as the base and lettering colors. The titles will be printed on the back of each tee above a big heart—aww.

Buy it: Starting from $16 each,

Image: Courtesy Glitter Ever After

Glitter Ever After Mouse Family Shirts

See? There are so many cute Disney family shirts to pick from. These Mickey Mouse-themed family shirts can say everything from “brother mouse” to “papa mouse,” depending on who you’re shopping for. Better yet, they don’t just come as matching family tees—there are also sweatshirt and tank top versions.

Buy it: Starting from $25 each,

Image: Courtesy RiverPort Unique Matching Group Vacation Photos

RiverPort Unique Matching Group Vacation Photos Family Vacation Shirts

Care less about style and more about function? Try these “if no one around me is wearing the same shirt, I’m lost” matching family shirts. They come in youth and adult sizes, plus a few different colors.

Buy it: $16,

Image: Courtesy Tovars

Tovars Matching Family Dinosaur Shirts

These personalized matching family shirts (and onesies) have rawr-dorable dinosaur designs. They’re great if you want something more fashion-forward but still coordinating and easily recognizable. Bonus points if you wear them to Jurassic World.

Buy it: Starting from $15 each,

Image: Courtesy KaAn’s Designs

KaAn’s Designs Matching Family Shirts

These unique, best-selling matching family T-shirts are all music-themed (read: perfect for that concert you’re going to). The playful tees say things like “The Original” for parents and “The Encore” for your youngest child. They’re totally hipster-worthy.

Buy it: Starting from $21 each,

Image: Courtesy Epic Tees 4 You

Epic Tees 4 You Family Vacation Shirts

These royalty-inspired tees make subtly-themed Disney family shirts, but they’re fit for any vacation. The shirt backs come in fun floral “King,” “Queen,” “Prince” and “Princess” designs. You can customize the numbers with each person’s birthday, age (for easy identification) or other meaningful digits.

Buy it: Starting from $10 each,

Image: Courtesy Pop Fun Store

Pop Fun Store Family Vacation Cruise Shirts

Here are some more cute family cruise shirts. This time they say “let’s cruise” and come printed with stylish sun, wave and anchor graphics. There are toddler, kids’ and adult sizes available.

Buy it: Starting from $20 each,

Image: Courtesy Matheson Graphics

Matheson Graphics Apologies for Waiting in Line Behind My Family T-Shirts

These funny family Disney shirts look basic from the front (they’re printed with a simple Mickey Mouse silhouette) but are bound to get laughs from behind. The backs read, “apologies for waiting in line behind my family.” Which is hilarious and courteous if you’ve got a fussy toddler.

Buy it: Starting from $18 each,

Image: Courtesy Fabconic

Fabconic Yay We Are Going on Vacay Matching Family Vacation Shirts

These sweet matching family shirts will get everyone hyped up for the vacation ahead. And trust us, you’ll all need a morale boost at the airport or wherever the actual traveling happens. They’re also valuable when it comes to finding your family at said busy airport.

Buy it: Starting from $14 each,

Image: Courtesy CelebriT

CelebriT Personalized Family Vacation Shirts

Celebrate everyone’s unique travel personality with these custom Disney shirts for the family, based off Snow White’s seven dwarves. The funny Disney family shirts are sure to get some chuckles, especially if your tired baby gets “Sleepy” and your frustrated tot gets “Grumpy.”

Buy it: Starting from $16 each,

Image: Courtesy Cloud Nine and Company

Cloud Nine and Company Family Battery Shirts

Can you tell we get a kick out of matching family shirts that let everyone know what you’re really thinking? These family tees are printed with either low-charge or fully-charged batteries, depending on what state everybody’s in!

Buy it: Starting from $15 each,

Image: Courtesy TStars

TStars Gamer Shirts for Dad, Mom and Baby

How’s this for a unique design? The matching family tees (and coordinating onesie) come in “Player 1,” “Player 2” and “Player 3” styles for both parents and baby.

Buy it: Starting from $29 for a set,

Image: Courtesy Ninety 5 Prints

Ninety 5 Prints Wolf Pack Shirts

Never lose your pack with these matching family vacation shirts. Simply customize the text inside each T-shirt’s wolf graphic.

Buy it: Starting from $17 each,

Image: Courtesy Ollie and Penny

Ollie and Penny Wild Things Matching Family Shirts

Last but not least, here are some super-creative Where The Wild Things Are-based designs. Parent options include “I chase wild things” and “I tame wild things,” while the kid options include “sibling of the wild thing” and “wild one.” These whimsical matching family shirts are awesome for your next vacation if you want to stand out from the crowd (but not from each other). Even better, you can message the seller to add names and dates if desired.

Buy it: Starting from $21,
Published June 2019

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