11 Moments Every Sleep-Deprived New Parent Can Totally Relate to

We promise the sleepless nights won’t last forever, but until then we’re here to help you laugh it off.
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ByKelley Rowland
Contributing Writer
Aug 2018
father and baby yawning

The first few months with baby are full of emotion: joy, worry, excitement and everything in between. But unfortunately, what you’ll feel the most as you adjust to your new world is exhaustion. The good news? There are ways to make sure you and baby both get better sleep, starting with the right accessories. In the meantime, these GIFs and memes are here to remind you that the kill-me-now fatigue is totally normal—and more than a little comical.

1. When you make it through your first all-nighter since college (and feel like a champ).

2. When your friends keep asking, “Why are you so cranky?”

3. When you were just about to fall back asleep, and the wailing begins…again.

4. When you start to question your ability to parent.

5. When you can’t remember the last time you showered.

6. When one cup (or even a pot) of coffee isn’t going to cut it.

7. When you really just don’t know anything anymore.

8. When you’re so exhausted, you almost feel drunk.

9. When you make up for the lack of sleep in calories.

10. When someone asks to see baby just after you’ve put him down for a nap.

11. When you remember the lack of sleep is totally worth it.

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