Switching Twins to Toddler Beds?

We’re thinking about moving our twins to toddler beds, but I’m worried they’ll be waking each other up constantly. Any advice?
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ByPreeti Parikh, MD
Jan 2017
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Ah, sweet freedom. The chance to get out and about from bed — and get your sibling to explore with you — is often too fun to resist. It’s going to come eventually, so you will have to make the transition at some point. How to know when? Twins are usually ready for the toddler bed when they start trying to climb out of their cribs, which can create a safety hazard. Toddler beds are low enough to the ground that you don’t usually have to worry about them getting hurt.

When (and even before) you make the big leap to toddler beds, focus on establishing a healthy bedtime routine that will help lull the twins to sleep and stay there through the night. Be consistent, praising them when they stay in bed or when they keep their heads on their pillows. In the early days of new toddler beds, you can stay in the room with the lights out until they fall asleep, then gradually move closer and closer to the door as they get more used to being in their own big-kid beds.

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